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Premier Health’s Acquisition of Livecare Presents Large Opportunity


Premier Health Group Inc’s (CSE: PHGI) recently announced acquisition of Canadian telehealth pioneer Livecare has curiously received little fanfare among capital markets. This is despite grossly understated benefits to Premier via two segments in which Livecare operates: telemedicine and patient health record (PHR) software. Both segments provide significant opportunities to …

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Is Anyone Safe From This?


Pacem, Libertatem, Justitiam  January 12, 2020  Volume 12 Number 20 Reader-Supported  Please go here. Thank you very much. Inside:  Is Anyone Safe From This?; Be All You Can Be And Live Long And Prosper; Beyond the Pale; Business & Trade; Climate & Climate Change; Community & Lifestyle, Ecology; Health; History; …

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