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Harry and Meghan resigning Act 5 *MNHQ edited title*


Wed 15-Jan-20 09:41:35

Previous thread

I’m not the original OP of the series. That credit must go to @TheMustressMhor

I just stepped in when the last thread filled up with no replacement

There is still an appetite for discussion / gossip depending on your POV.

I asked for MN to put it in the Royal Family topic as the subject is no longer headline news; but still ticking along. I think those people who are interested will find it and add their comments regardless of its location.


Wed 15-Jan-20 22:19:24

Autumn crow…I agree. He is a vile creepy weirdo and totally obsessed with Meghan!!


Wed 15-Jan-20 22:21:07

She was 36 when she died… I miss her despite how much trouble she was


Wed 15-Jan-20 22:22:56

Been lurking on these threads since the beginning, can’t believe we’ve got this far!

Anyway: has anyone watched the video Harry posted this evening about the upcoming Invictus Games?

Did anybody notice that he was subtitled ‘Duke of Sussex’ and not ‘HRH Duke of Sussex’?

Maybe a clue as to what HM has decided… it’s very odd for an official video clip to not use his full title. No?


Wed 15-Jan-20 22:26:34

I can’t help wondering what their staff must be feeling. It must be very unsettling for them. Presumably they will need to hire people able to work in Canada. Where does that leave their UK staff?


Wed 15-Jan-20 22:27:52

Good point . I guess that’s part of what needs to be worked out.


Wed 15-Jan-20 22:29:34

I would imagine their PR people in the UK have plenty other irons in the fire, regardless of what a shit show it has been – will be translated into ‘crisis management skills’.

For other staff – domestic, chauffeurs, nannies etc god knows – maybe they will be offered alternative employment within the RF, or maybe they will be out? And I would assume, given the short length of the marriage, maybe little built up in the way of redundancy?


Wed 15-Jan-20 22:30:57

I agree OVienna hence the caveat that they set up in Africa. But not in the “Canada model” currently proposed, more genuine altruistic works.

I haven’t seen any indication she’s likely to follow in her father’s footsteps.


Wed 15-Jan-20 22:31:19

I thought Diana was mid 40’s when she died too! Can’t believe she was only 36. That’s really surprised me.


Wed 15-Jan-20 22:35:22

I felt like going to Bradford today to wave a flag for Kate and William. What is all this doing to me ?!

I just felt a sudden wave of pride in my home county .Maybe not as glitzy as LA or pristine as awesome as Vancouver Island.But at least they think it’s worth a visit.

I hope Kate got home in time to cuddle her children,kick off her heels and chill.


Wed 15-Jan-20 22:36:41

Piers trump is my pal Morgan is a total bastard, can’t stand him.

I agree that William probably told Harry to slow down and get to know Meghan better, that why they fell out, hence William’s expression in the photo of Archie’s christening.

I doubt think William, or Kate if she had the same misgivings, will take any pleasure from being proved right about Meghan, her true character and her intentions. The red flags were clearly there, Harry just didn’t want to see them, but others probably did. I feel sorry for Meghan’s dad, I always thought Harry was a polite , kind person, but not visiting the father of your fiancé was not polite or kind. I have read that he had spoken to Mr Markle on the phone , but surely he could have visited him, no lack of money to stop him.


Wed 15-Jan-20 22:38:15

I felt like going to Bradford today to wave a flag for Kate and William. What is all this doing to me ?! I did too. They must have been worried about booing.


Wed 15-Jan-20 22:43:28

Why would anyone boo Kate and William? I should think they will be even more popular now.

Now if Meghan went to Bradford……..


Wed 15-Jan-20 22:47:43

I was also happy to see Will and Kate’s Bradford trip go well. I can imagine they were worried slightly of public reception of then given the recent news.

I think Williams advice if slow down is fine, they didn’t really date long at all. I think if my brother said “Swans I’m going to marry this woman I’ve known 18months” even I would be reply “you sure about this, it hasn’t been long?


Wed 15-Jan-20 22:49:30

“Funny how everyone talks about Harry following his mother’s coffin.

William wasn’t that much older and had to do the same.”

I did so here, because this a thread about Harry.


Wed 15-Jan-20 22:49:37

@bluebell34567 Yes, sorry. I do see that now that I have read your comment again. I was probably a bit jumpy for personal reasons.


Wed 15-Jan-20 22:49:51

Far from booing it looks like they got a great turn out and very warm welcome.I think a lot of people in places like Bradford -not without it’s problems of course -really are down to earth and resent the ‘everyone in Britain ‘is racist ‘ label.It’s pretty insulting when there are so many grassroots projects working hard for communities and cultures together.So for them to get this visit,especially now meant a great deal.


Wed 15-Jan-20 22:50:11

William suffered the same trauma as his brother. He was only 2 years older than Harry and I think that there was a lot of pressure to be a big brother to Harry. I believe W was sent back to Eton only a week or two after his mother’s death.

However William does not get treated as “the bereaved son” in the same way as Harry. Harry always seems to have been treated more gently and allowances made while William was expected to get on with it. I remember that William was actually criticised by some when he issued a letter to certain paparazzi demand that they cease harassing 14 month old Prince George when one stalked and jumped out of a bush, scaring the nanny. I can only imagine the sympathy that Harry and Meghan would get (by invoking Diana) if the paps were stalking and approaching Archie.

I imagine that it must be hugely stressful for William trying to introduce his children to royal life – which he knows he must – yet fearing for their safety. The Christmas church walk must have been stressful.


Wed 15-Jan-20 22:50:41

Âtre there any Canadians around who can explain this please

from the main Canadian newspaper

But this country’s unique monarchy, and its delicate yet essential place in our constitutional system, means that a royal resident – the prince is sixth in the line of succession – is not something that Canada can allow. It breaks an unspoken constitutional taboo

The editorial said Canada’s relationship to the monarchy was different from Britain’s, adding: ‘Our royals don’t live here. They reign from a distance. Close to our hearts, far from our hearths.

‘Canadians like their monarchy, and visits by the Queen and other members of the Royal Family tend to produce outpourings of public enthusiasm.

But the royals should not ‘set up a home on the premises’, it said.

‘Princes are not shipped over here when no useful duties can be found for them on the other side of the Atlantic.

‘Canada welcomes people of all faiths, nationalities and races, but if you’re a senior member of our Royal Family, this country cannot become your home.’

How can it have a monarch but not want titles or royal people there.

Genuinely confused (not disagreeing with them)


Wed 15-Jan-20 22:57:52

I think the legacy of seeing the boy behind the coffin is that we want his happiness now.

That’s not a free pass for bad behaviour, it’s a (non-specific, vaguely maternal) hope that he finds happiness.

Not aimed at William here, because thus thread is not about him. But that same sentence could equallymapply yo him. And he has a 17 year relationship/marriage and three young children. The hope isn’t expressed directly about him, because it no longer needs to be


Wed 15-Jan-20 23:02:39

@Curly. Canadians like the pomp and ceremony of a visit now and again, they just about accept the Queen as their head of state because that’s their history. They don’t want to foot any bill, and like many other countries in the commonwealth like the comfortable distance of the monarch and their family living elsewhere because they (Canada) are “technically” a Independent country.

In a nutshell the King’s son living in your back garden in a granny flat doesn’t shout out “seperated”. More half in half out, keeping the monarch happy.


Wed 15-Jan-20 23:03:21

How can it have a monarch but not want titles or royal people there

I’m not Canadian but my Uncle was. I think there is a 1919 Act called the “Nickel Resolution” or some such that means foreign Governments and in particular the Queen of England can’t confer a title on a Canadian citizen, so by implication anyone becoming a Canadian citizen can’t use a title.

The only person allowed to use a title in Canada is the Queen.

I think the purpose of the Act is to say that whilst Canada is a Commonwealth Country and recognises the Monarchy of the Queen they are also at the same time independent of the UK. Conferring titles would imply that Canada is still somehow part of the UK


Wed 15-Jan-20 23:04:10

However William does not get treated as “the bereaved son” in the same way as Harry.

Maybe because he doesn’t mention it as much as Harry.

Harry needs to realise that there is such a thing as compassion fatigue.


Wed 15-Jan-20 23:04:17

I think Kate and William will have had a huge boost from Megxit.

As people’s reactions are coming in; after the initial “great, enjoy your freedom” the reactions are now definitely negative or deafeningly silent.

I actually think Meghan is fucked.

She has no place in the UK, even as a part-time Royal (and this is even before the court case against the MoS with her father as star witness)

I don’t think Thomas Markle will deliberately shaft her, he’s done some idiotic things like the staged photos, but he’s always said he loves her and hopes they’ll be reconciled.

Canada will have her, but I suspect more as a private citizen. It would appear they do not appreciate the flaunting of titles; royals are acceptable in a guest capacity only. So basically Harry and by extend Meghan cannot live there long term unless they relinquish their titles.

The Canadians will be as delighted to pay for their security as we are. (Not).

Finally the US. Not one supportive tweet from her Alist bffs.

It’s said that some of her US representatives have dropped.

Harry will always have a place in the UK, but not with Meghan; he will be forgiven, He also has Africa as a bolt hole as he genuinely loves it.

And then that leaves poor baby Archie. Hopefully blissfully unaware.


Wed 15-Jan-20 23:08:25

Royal or not – you can’t just rock up to Canada and demand they let to stay. They have rules you know…


Wed 15-Jan-20 23:09:32

I also think Meghan is fucked – but she’s a survivor and will probably claw her way up somehow via the US chat show route.

Harry, not so much… I think he will end up coming back to the UK very chastened. Which is awful where there are children involved.


Wed 15-Jan-20 23:09:50

‘Princes are not shipped over here when no useful duties can be found for them on the other side of the Atlantic.

But that’s not what’s happening, though, is it? The Queen and Prince Charles, we gather, would prefer it if Harry stayed in the UK, where there is useful work for him, if he chooses to pursue it. I think his work with veterans has been very worthwhile, and also his AIDS charity in Southern Africa. He could also take on a role with the Prince’s Trust, with a view to one day taking it over from Charles.

But by doing a runner with Archie, Meghan pretty much has him over a barrel. Assuming she doesn’t intend to come back to the UK, he has to choose between following Meghan wherever she goes, or being an absent father, with his son growing up on a different continent.


Wed 15-Jan-20 23:11:27

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here’s a link to our Talk Guidelines.


Wed 15-Jan-20 23:11:33

I don’t think originally her USA bff’s / Operah realised how much backlash was in store for the UK due to Megxit.

To be honest I didn’t even think I would have an opinion on it but the more I think of it, the more I think “the bloody cheeky mare” , literally a kept princess and not even the grace to bow out with a thank you card and a hug to old Queenie!

Her USA pals are probably now thinking I am not putting my head on the chopping block by singing her praises, they will do it quietly and send her WhatsApp messages of support, but not publicaly.


Wed 15-Jan-20 23:14:17

Message deleted by MNHQ. Quotes deleted post


Wed 15-Jan-20 23:16:48

I agree with you SeperatedSwans and I am also getting more and more angry with Meghan.

I used to be very much on her side and was glad that she had decided to sue the MoS.

But not now.

I am glad that she won’t be able to come back here now. She has very few supporters left.


Wed 15-Jan-20 23:19:13

I would imagine the RF are trying to work out how they will ever see PH’s son again in the UK, without causing an extremely volatile situation to become worse.

Whatever they do, it will be a risk.

I think backing right off is probably best. And getting Piers Morgan to shut the fuck up.


Wed 15-Jan-20 23:19:30

Excellent analysis at 20.45, CurlyWurlyTwirly, but I confess I’m confused about the “negative comments on Instagram” thing

I don’t have an account, but thought someone said earlier that anything unwelcome was being deleted?


Wed 15-Jan-20 23:21:53

Mmm – good luck with trying to get Piers Morgan to shut the fuck up.


Wed 15-Jan-20 23:21:56

Yes – Piers Morgan does indeed need to STFU grin


Wed 15-Jan-20 23:22:31

Problem is they can’t delete the comments fast enough grin


Wed 15-Jan-20 23:22:52

I have HUGE respect for Princess Grace now. As a young actress she wasn’t too dissimilar from Meghan, pampered and spoilt, used to getting her own way.

She was whisked away to a foreign country to be married to a handsome Prince who turned out to be not quite as charming as he appeared by all accounts and as I understand it, the marriage was not 100% happy and had a lot of rocky moments.

What did she do? She stayed put, raised her kids and focussed on becoming a REAL Princess for her adopted country and her adopted people. And they all adored her.

Now THAT’S Royalty. Suck it up, Meghan.


Wed 15-Jan-20 23:23:01

Well, at least Piers Morgan has brought everyone together.


Wed 15-Jan-20 23:25:06

He’s like a rejected obsessive 15 year old.


Wed 15-Jan-20 23:35:42

If they did separate/divorce, is it a given that Archie woukd live in the US with Megan, away from his extended UK family, given that Megan is estranged from hers?


Wed 15-Jan-20 23:37:22

All I can think sometimes is, and this is pure absolute speculation, can you imagine in that meeting if Harry has basically broken down and said something along the lines of

“This is breaking up my marriage, she’s gone to Canada with my son and I have to go with her, I can’t loose him”

I think everyone round that table would fold to any agreement to save him from the pain.


Wed 15-Jan-20 23:39:48

He could also take on a role with the Prince’s Trust, with a view to one day taking it over from Charles I think William will be driving that forward as well as taking on the Duchy. Lots of what William does could be brought under the Princes Trust aegis, especially with giving a helping hand to those needing it to start up a business; ties into homelessness for example.


Wed 15-Jan-20 23:43:44

As a young actress she wasn’t too dissimilar from Meghan

What’s that noise?

Sounds like Grace Kelly turning in her grave.


Wed 15-Jan-20 23:44:22

I’m sure I read on one of these that HMQ has custody?


Wed 15-Jan-20 23:47:12

Agree Piers is coming across as a weird jilted former fanboy.

What I find even stranger is Meghan. She appears to be a very controlling person. She seems to cut people off left, right and centre. I totally understand instances where you may fall out or have a major disagreement with someone…but practically your whole family, many friends, former colleagues and yes even media contacts (such as Piers)?? And then PH starts editing his Christmas card list too? There is one common denominator.

Now they are not only ghosting their charities and the UK population, but presenting us as racists to the rest of the world. Taking refuge in a country ruled by Trudeau whose idea of a good night out is mansplaining and putting on blackface?!!! They are CFers the pair of them! I was quite ambivalent about the RF, PH and MM but I am appalled at the way PH and MM have treated everyone (especially HRH) in this total unmitigated regishambles! Good luck Canada, you are going to need it!


Wed 15-Jan-20 23:49:01

Grace Kelly a young Grace Kelly.

I have no words. Pass the sick bucket.


Wed 15-Jan-20 23:50:45

Great post throughtheroses


Thu 16-Jan-20 00:03:51

Crikey. Canada not mincing their words there, eh!?


Thu 16-Jan-20 00:11:18

These threads move too fast for me.

I don’t think Meghan will return except for weddings and funerals and even that is doubtful. Can you imagine the uproar if she didn’t?

Archie returning is much less likely until adulthood I’d say.


Thu 16-Jan-20 00:13:04

I wouldn’t invite her to my wedding. Can you imagine?

I really, really wouldn’t.


Thu 16-Jan-20 00:13:31

This link makes for interesting reading (on an earlier thread, sorry I don’t remember which thread, or which poster to thank).


Links further down the page to earlier instalments.

I seldom read newspapers or watch chat shows but just watch the TV news most evenings. I have always thought MM comes across as very false. She doesn’t have youth and immaturity on her side as an excuse for clumsy social behaviour.

When Frogmore Cottage was made available to H&M I thought at the time that MM would have expected they’d get their own castle, or a palace that they didn’t have to share. Not a ‘cottage’!


Thu 16-Jan-20 00:13:48

She’s probably take it upon herself to make a speech hmm


Thu 16-Jan-20 00:13:57

Philip would not want her to be at his funeral, of that I am fairly sure.


Thu 16-Jan-20 00:14:26

Like a pp, I also don’t think Meghan has Archie.

Apparently Charlotte was talking in her school about a baby coming to live with them late last year. Maybe Kate is pregnant, maybe it’s little Archie? I hope it’s Archie, and he’s safe away from both of them!

I also think Meghan is fucked, and PH won’t leave the UK…

Now I wasn’t implying that older mothers can’t get pregnant, just stating that it’s more difficult as eggs die off. This is scientific fact, and in her 39th year, she’s no spring chicken, fertility speaking.

And as someone else said, sex is rather a prerequisite. (Unless you’re visited by an angel etc etc)

So unless Meghan brought a full turkey baster with her on her solo trip to Canada, I don’t see it happening anytime soon.

She was pouring with sweat in Canada house, and I thought ‘hot flash’. She could be perimenopausal..

It’s quite common- my GP says women go into the perimenopause at about 36. Cycles become a little bit irregular, sometimes heavy periods, and you get FSH surges, and sweating as we saw. She did have obvious sweating- clearly drenched through her jumper. It’s possible she’s in peri.

I believe in miracles 🎶>


Thu 16-Jan-20 00:18:44

I was fully menopausal at 45,my periods stopped at 43.

Doc said not unusual at all. A lot of my friends were same age or younger.

But, my DD came along first try at 37 and my DSis just had her first, first go, at 45.

She senses tides turning, she’s going to go for baby number two.


Thu 16-Jan-20 00:18:47


You are a loon grin


Thu 16-Jan-20 00:19:52

I am 44 and not menopausal – I just had a blood test.


Thu 16-Jan-20 00:21:03

I think the next time we’ll see PH after he leaves will be for Prince Philip’s funeral and, if they are on bad terms, guilt could have a detrimental effect on PH.


Thu 16-Jan-20 00:21:49

Love the fact that her ‘celebrity friends’ have gone AWOL grin

Piss off the Queen or support M? Not piss off the Queen smile

If I was her, I would have waited 2 more years… it would have all been different.


Thu 16-Jan-20 00:24:02

MrsB blood tests after 40 prove nothing as hormones are all over the place every day. Menopause is 2 years without periods so you’d know grin

I’m ‘only’ 48 and it’s all over… it’s not an easy ride I can tell you!


Thu 16-Jan-20 00:24:33

Late joiner to the thread but I wondered – when they were at Canada House, if she were already pregnant.

There was an ever so tiny bump. Admittedly she was wearing a bias cut, silk skirt – not the most forgiving of items but I did wonder it at the time.

Maybe she’d announce it immediately or maybe she’s keeping mum (wink) till she really needs to toss in another grenade.

Or maybe she’s just had a big lunch.


Thu 16-Jan-20 00:27:09

I hope not, but have wondered if they have already separated.

No surely not sorry.


Thu 16-Jan-20 00:27:14

Sorry that link was posted by zafferana on the Act 4 thread, at 18.42 on page 22. Many of us will at some point have known someone with narcissistic traits. There are some interesting observations.


Thu 16-Jan-20 00:27:20

I wonder if Harry is alone at Frogmore?


Thu 16-Jan-20 00:29:13


Like a pp, I also don’t think Meghan has Archie.

Apparently Charlotte was talking in her school about a baby coming to live with them late last year. Maybe Kate is pregnant, maybe it’s little Archie? I hope it’s Archie, and he’s safe away from both of them!

Have you been on the vino? grin


Thu 16-Jan-20 00:29:58

Harry is clearly so easily swayed so the longer here, the better.


Thu 16-Jan-20 00:30:15

53 and still have periods. No sign of menopause or even peri. Nothing.


Thu 16-Jan-20 00:33:01

Interrupts humming to say thank you mrsBrentford! I do try my best at looning, and am a dab head at the woo as well grin

Perimenopause can last years… mine is still ongoing for 10years and counting. Sweat wicking fabrics are your friend. Of course climate change brings new meaning too to the saying “is it just me, or is it getting hot in here?”.


Thu 16-Jan-20 00:33:36

By all accounts he’s cut most of his mates off so god knows what he’s doing.

“Dialling in” to Canada every evening.


Thu 16-Jan-20 00:34:48

So unless Meghan brought a full turkey baster with her on her solo trip to Canada, I don’t see it happening anytime soon

It’s probably gone off by now. Can you imagine Meghan getting stopped at customs with that? “Excuse me Madam, you’re only allowed 3.4oz of liquid on the plane” grin


Thu 16-Jan-20 00:35:21

fallen that’s great! Cling on to those hormones, when they’re gone… all hell breaks lose!

You won’t age as much when you have hormones.

All PP’s in mid 40’s, go on the menopause board when it happens, It saved me, doctors are woefully inadequate on this, often prescribing antidepressants sad and there is simply AMAZING advice on that board.

Anyway, sorry to derail!


Thu 16-Jan-20 00:37:42

This is the sad thing about William and Harry not being on good terms. The obvious solution if Harry is to be spending time in the UK while his wife and child are elsewhere would be for him to stay with his brother, sister in law, niece and nephews. But it doesn’t seem likely.

Highgrove was mentioned earlier and someone said presumably that will eventually go to Harry, as William will have Anmer and then Charles will be in BP, Sandringham etc. Wonder how that’ll work out now too.


Thu 16-Jan-20 00:40:00

Yep, I reckon Highgrove was his!

She’ll kick herself. One thing is for sure, she won’t be welcome back after this fiasco, the court case the… it goes on and on. They have been married for 2 seconds.


Thu 16-Jan-20 00:43:32

Most of Harry’s friends have been dropped too, so he’s probably sat infront of the fire – on his own – with an M & S ready meal. Actually – he might be enjoying the peace.

I’d love William to be over there, catching up, but I somehow doubt it.


Thu 16-Jan-20 00:47:25

He’ll have Gotye on in the background.


Thu 16-Jan-20 00:48:11

Re the house situation I’m sure I read that Charles wanted to gift them a country estate after they were married but they refused as neither of them had any interest in running one.


Thu 16-Jan-20 00:49:39

Penned by Meghan: “In celebrating Father’s Day, I think of so many moments with my dad. Our club sandwich & fruit smoothie tradition post my tap & ballet class – classes, which by the way, he religiously took me to on Saturday mornings after working 75 hours a week as a lighting director. The fishing trips along the Kent River and Big Bear Lake to catch catfish or trout and cook it up for dinner, and the commitment he made to lighting my high school musicals so that they felt like a Broadway Show. The blood, sweat and tears this man… invested in my future so that I could grow up to have so much. He helped me turn my bathroom into a darkroom when I was twelve because I wanted to be a photographer… He put gas in my car when I went from audition to audition trying to make it as an actress. He is the person who believed in this grand dream of mine well before I could even see it as a possibility.” Meghan Markle, The Tig, 06/09/2014

Anyone know if this is right? It’s from the comments on Piers’ thing


Thu 16-Jan-20 00:52:48

She obvs wanted to portray the lovely innocent daughter with a lovely family.

She now wants to portray the opposite!


Thu 16-Jan-20 01:04:11

I remember reading, pre-Harry, comments by MM about how great her Dad was and how supportive he was.

That’s not to say he may not also be screwed up, manipulative and a bad father in many ways. It may have taken a while for MM to realise that, as it often does for those with toxic parents. But she absolutely used to rave about how supportive and empowering he was.


Thu 16-Jan-20 01:04:35

I’m pretty sure I read it before Spinney – when she and her Dad first had no contact. That so much can change in 5 years! sad


Thu 16-Jan-20 01:06:30

I am loving these threads, don’t get me wrong, but I do think it’s in rather poor taste to be discussing whether MM is in perimenopause based on sweat patches under her arms.


Thu 16-Jan-20 01:07:21

Canadian here, I think @SeperatedSwans it spot on. We, English Canada (French Canada is a completely different story), like the occasional visit and accept that the Queen is the head of state in weird ceremonial way, but that’s about it. The RF has no role in our society. I will be very upset if the government agrees to cover any of the costs related to H&M. I’ve read that security could cost anywhere between $2 million to $10 million, I guess it will be somewhere in between. It offends me that there is even a discussion about this. Beyond not wanting my tax dollars to be spent on this, Indigenous Canadians were completely screwed over by colonization which has only recently been acknowledged. I think it would be fair to say that the optics of spending millions of dollars on the grandson of the Queen when there are First Nations without potable water, uninhabitable houses and inferior health and educational services would not be good.


Thu 16-Jan-20 01:12:18

To be clear… I was never discussing sweat patches! I didn’t mention them.

Just backing up a poster who said peri menopause could start at 40, which it totally can. And does.


Thu 16-Jan-20 01:15:14

Slight derail but going back to menopause, the trend is to look at your mother’s age of when she went through it and your likely to be roughly the same age she was, my mum was 59 MIL was 44, so It does vary quite a bit, another useful tool I found from Zita West was to find out your mother’s menopause age, minus 10 years and that is when your fertility is seriously compromised, so going by that my fertility dropped off at 49 and SILs at 34, so it’s not impossible for Meghan to be any of these senarios.


Thu 16-Jan-20 01:15:22

Whilst I’d love Harry’s (ex)friends to take the opportunity to stage an intervention, the best we could probably hope for is that the physical distance and time difference allows him some space for reflection.

That blind gossip article had more than a ring of truth to it and they’ve been on the button with other things. If it is accurate, it seems the RF are only doing what they can to protect their son/grandson. It must be very difficult to sit back and watch a loved family member lash out and make what you think is a monumentally terrible decision. I don’t envy any of them that, nevermind having it play out in front of the whole country.

I remember reading around the wedding about how affectionately MM had written about her father previously, and how it jarred with the narrative that they were putting out at that time. I think he made one bad decision with the pap shots, and then compounded it with other terrible choices trying to defend himself. It could have been completely avoided if he had been taken in hand at an early stage and “helped” with advice about approaches from and dealing with the press. And that’s on the RF as well as MM.


Thu 16-Jan-20 01:15:31

I am loving these threads, don’t get me wrong, but I do think it’s in rather poor taste to be discussing whether MM is in perimenopause based on sweat patches under her arms.



Thu 16-Jan-20 01:16:11

Also, to be honest, I am sick of peri and actual menopause being a taboo and shameful subject, it is a totally normal process that most women start to go through in their 40’s.

It is a fact of life.

I didn’t see these sweat patches. I didn’t make reference to MM, I was directing PP’s to the menopause board grin


Thu 16-Jan-20 01:23:13

BettyBooJustDoinTheDoo – Re the house situation I’m sure I read that Charles wanted to gift them a country estate after they were married but they refused as neither of them had any interest in running one.

I really couldn’t see them farming out in the sticks

I thought that they would want a chic country home in Oxfordshire or the Cotswolds (where they rented briefly) – much nearer to their celeb pals such as the Clooneys, fashion designers and useful media moguls

I think they may have regretted leaving London for Windsor – if they didn’t want to stay in KP they could probably have got an apartment in StJP – where many royals have London apartments


Thu 16-Jan-20 01:29:56


Thu 16-Jan-20 01:33:24

Spinney Jesus if that is a direct quote…I really wonder what the truth is here. How bizarre.


Thu 16-Jan-20 01:36:23

I agree Lunde running a country estate is not really their style, according to this snippet back in September it was what Charles wanted for them and he had earmarked some land to create it. Another snippet I heard was that when Charles became King they would get Frogmore House itself.


Thu 16-Jan-20 01:38:20

Anyone been reading or following Toronto Paper on twitter? Some of the tweets are quite cryptic but very interesting! I think it’s someone from Meghans past who she’s pissed off or ghosted.


Thu 16-Jan-20 02:06:30

So glad their eye did not light upon Australia as their next home. Think they would get short shrift here.

Has anyone asked if the Queen is OK?


Thu 16-Jan-20 02:46:32

Harry will be sat in with his uncle Andy ordering in a Pizza Express, he’s friendless after cutting them off, unable to speak to family because he feels a twat, and trying to reach Woko but keeps getting a redirect to her LA pr rep.


Thu 16-Jan-20 03:23:05

@Teddy1970 AnnWill67 seems to know stuff too….


Thu 16-Jan-20 03:27:09

Or not I think tying her into Epstein is a bit of a stretch


Thu 16-Jan-20 04:11:14

She was pouring with sweat in Canada house, and I thought ‘hot flash’. She could be perimenopausal

Given what came later in the day Im not surprised she was sweating.


Thu 16-Jan-20 05:26:34

Morning all, I hope you are all OK?

A thought occurred to me re: Thomas Markle

I think Meghan may go for a “reunion” with her Dad. She’ll introduce him to Archie. It’s the only way of stopping him testifying for the MOS.

At the moment he has nothing to lose as she has completely ghosted him.

It’s also part of the narc repertoire to reel someone in after the discard stage; to get more “fuel”

Narc fuel

narc coming back after a discard

Meghan will Keep her Dad on side long enough for the MoS case to collapse. (He’s not going to risk alienating his daughter and not see Archie again by testifying) but she will dump him again


Thu 16-Jan-20 05:50:18

Thanks for the feedback re: Canada and Royals taking up permanent residence.

So in a nutshell Harry cannot live there, and neither can Meghan if she keeps her title.

So that just leaves California; where Meghan has vowed not to live whilst Trump is still president. ( definitely not a trump fan here, but I think that is another miscalculation on Meghan’s part. I think she’s got a 5 year wait)

Harry will be back in England. Or more accurately not leave.

Just leaves the question of getting Archie back…

I wonder if the Queen will invoke that 300 year old law of the Monarch having custody of minor royal children. Highly unlikely.

However I think The Hague convention and habitual residence will have a bearing on Archie’s situation.


Thu 16-Jan-20 05:57:09


Thu 16-Jan-20 06:06:17

Meghan was doing the rounds yesterday:

New photos of a beaming Meghan visiting the Justice for Girls group in Canada yesterday have been posted online, where she discussed climate justice for women and the rights of Indigenous people. The Duchess of Sussex previously visited the Downtown Eastside Women’s Center in Vancouver on the same day.

According to the website of Justice for Girls, climate change is an ‘urgent human rights matter’ that it says disproportionately affects girls, particularly Indigenous girls.

The group adds that climate change is a threat to the lives and cultural rights of these girls and the charity is campaigning to stop the continued use and development of fossil fuels.

Zoe Craig-Sparrow, Co-Director at Justice for Girls, said they were honored to have Meghan join them.

‘The Duchess met with our Co-Directors as well as representatives from our Board of Directors and staff. The Duchess put everyone at ease and had a really engaged discussion with us for 90 minutes about our work and the rights of teenage girls who live in poverty. We were honored that she chose to have this conversation with us and is interested in the work we do.’

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