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But Wait! There’s More!


That is usually the case …

Today is the day:

The Alberta legislature is expected to pass a bill today to kill the province’s carbon tax on consumers.

And the province says drivers and home and business owners should already be feeling the effects.

part of the bill, Premier Jason Kenney’s government announced the
carbon tax on gas at the pumps and on fossil-fuelled heating would end
as of this morning.


Another province that is getting things rolling:

“Today, the Fitch rating agency
announced that they are moving the province from Negative watch to
Stable and going to maintain our rating at AA-.

The steps our government has taken to
start Ontario down the path to fiscal sustainability are starting to
bear fruit. During a meeting with Fitch officials recently, we explained
our five-year path to balance, our debt burden reduction strategy, and
the initiatives we have already taken to control runaway spending. At
the same time, our government is creating a climate that is open for
business and open for jobs by lowering taxes, providing training
programs that are more focused, and the elimination of unnecessary
regulations and red tape. For these and other reasons, Fitch concluded
that Ontario’s risk profile was “stronger”.

And all people had to do was get rid of the Liberals and the NDP.

From the most “transparent” government in the country’s history:

Wow. The Liberal caucus is recommending to give the Human Rights Tribunal (a kangaroo court) the extraordinary power of issuing judicially enforced cease and desist orders on Canadian speech. This is dangerous. The CHRT are politically motivated fraudsters. Insanity. #cdnpoli pic.twitter.com/2gwMXsrsr0

— Keean Bexte (@TheRealKeean) May 29, 2019

This means that the Liberals are planning on using the kangaroo courts to enforce censorship.

Imagine the vendettas that can be settled by people who aren’t even a part of the judiciary.


The federal government made a secret settlement to quash two
lawsuits that claimed its contentious online application process to
reunite immigrant families was flawed and unfair
, CBC News has learned.

resolve the group litigation, the government awarded at least 70
coveted spots to applicants allowing them to sponsor their parents’ or
grandparents’ immigration to Canada.

Justin pretends to care about selling hydroelectricity in Manitoba:

prime minister and the premier of Manitoba say they’ll try to find
common ground on a new hydro line so the province can sell more surplus
electricity to Minnesota.

two met in Ottawa Wednesday afternoon, where Justin Trudeau and Brian
Pallister said they’d discuss the transmission corridor, which needs
federal approval.

The plan has drawn objections from Indigenous groups in Manitoba, who say their concerns about it haven’t been listened to.

government is reportedly worried that a hasty approval could see the
project end up in court, much like the Trans Mountain pipeline

their meeting in Trudeau’s office, Pallister pointed out that Winnipeg
MP and Liberal minister Jim Carr has advocated for hydro development and
big international projects that make cross-border trade easier.

Justin tries to talk US Vice President Mike Pence down after a resounding standing ovation for infanticide in the House of Commons.

Good luck with the decline, Canada. Let everyone know how that has worked out for you when once populous areas of the second biggest country in the world become ghost towns and the US strongly considers using Quebec as a parking lot.

Also – someone who would have been killed off in Canada:

When she was born, the baby girl weighed about the same as an apple.

San Diego hospital on Wednesday revealed the birth of the girl and said
she is believed to be the world’s tiniest surviving micro-preemie, who
weighed just 8.6 ounces (less than a pound) when she was born in

girl was born 23 weeks and three days into her mother’s 40-week
pregnancy. Doctors told her father after the birth that he would have
about an hour with his daughter before she died.

“But that hour
turned into two hours, which turned into a day, which turned into a
week,” the mother said in a video released by Sharp Mary Birch Hospital
for Women & Newborns.

More than five months have passed, and she has gone home as a healthy infant, weighing 5 pounds (2 kilograms).

There is something about a survivor story that Canadians hate.

Today in cowardice:

Liberal Premier Stephen McNeil did not raise the consular cases at a
meeting with Chinese ambassador Lu Shaye in Halifax on Wednesday, the
premier’s spokesman told the National Post, despite Foreign Minister
Chrystia Freeland’s office asking him to use the rare face time with
Chinese officials to do just that.

They gave too much and were, perhaps, asking for too much:

However, the attendance by some 40 elderly Canadian veterans who had
been scheduled to attend an event at Bernieres-sur mer and Canada House,
has been cancelled by Veterans Affairs Canada.

In a statement emailed to RCI, Veterans Affairs wrote, “The
Government of Canada considered sending its delegation to the first
light ceremony organized by Queen’s Own Rifles of Canada at Canada House
on June 6th. The health and well-being of our Veteran delegates is a
top priority and, regrettably, given the already demanding June 6th
itinerary, attendance is not possible. Veterans will have an opportunity
to visit Canada House on June 8th, 2019”.

Most of the veterans are in their early to mid 90’s and they and
family members, will however be occupied with several other visits,
ceremonies, and events in and around Normandy on the June 6th
anniversary date and throughout the week.

Speaking of France:

Lyon bombing suspect Mohamed Hichem M. has confessed to the
terror bombing that injured 13 on Friday, and according to French television,
has pledged his allegiance to the Islamic State.

We may never know his  motive.


The seven French citizens, wearing sandals and yellow jumpsuits, were
brought before an Iraqi judge in a Baghdad courtroom this week to
answer for their offense: joining the Islamic State.

Each admitted
to having thrown in his lot with the militants, working as tax
collector, Arabic teacher, military trainer, chicken seller, medical
aide or fighter.

If there was evidence that any had committed a
violent crime, it was never presented. Most had not even seen a lawyer
until moments before being escorted into the courtroom.

And yet after seven trials over four days, Judge Ahmed Mohamed Ali delivered seven identical sentences: death by hanging.


In the French Senate, advocates for a reconstructed—not reimagined—spire prevailed. As the Local France explains, the Senate bill
amends legislation previously passed by the French National Assembly.
In addition to requiring a lookalike spire, the legislation removes a
clause that would have allowed the government to override heritage,
environmental and planning regulations. It calls for the creation of a
Ministry of Culture sub-agency to oversee restoration but keeps Macron’s
2024 deadline.

(Insert sad trombone sound for Macron.)

I guess they know what they are doing:

In a landmark decision, the World Health Organization has removed
gender identity disorder from its list of mental health diagnoses.

Now called “gender incongruence,” it will be classified as a “condition related to sexual health.”

I’ll just leave this right here:

In 2010, the Director-General of the World Health Organization (WHO), Margaret Chan, praised
North Korea’s health-care system following her official visit to this
totalitarian and rogue nuclear-armed police state. It is of

that Chan has been the Director-General of the WHO since 2006, and her
term was recently renewed until the year 2017. The comments made by Chan
regarding North Korea are sufficiently irresponsible and uninformed as
to necessitate her immediate removal from the WHO.

The WHO’s credibility has been gone for a long time. 

And now, a man to whom much gratitude is owed:

The last surviving Mohawk code talker, one of the men who transmitted
messages in their Indigenous languages during the Second World War to
baffle enemy code-breakers, has died.

Born in the Quebec part of
the Akwesasne Mohawk reserve on Jan. 23, 1925, Louis Levi Oakes
registered in the U.S. army at age 18, and served as a code talker in
New Guinea and the Philippines until the end of the war. But he kept his
work secret for decades afterward, even from his family, only speaking
openly about it in recent years after he and other code talkers began to
receive national recognition on both sides of the border for their

Oakes received a Congressional Silver Medal in 2016. He
was recognized at the Assembly of First Nations and in the House of
Commons last year, and had a private meeting with Prime Minister Justin

“I feel great, happy,” he told community TV station
Akwesasne TV in April 2018, speaking about the recent acknowledgment of
his contribution. “I was very proud of it.”

Oakes passed away in Snye, Que. on Tuesday of natural causes. He was 94 years old.

(Merci beaucoup)

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