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Andrew Scheer is not the answer to Justin Trudeau.

Canadians. I am begging you. I will get down on my knees. 

Andrew Scheer is not the answer to Justin Trudeau. 

All you will do in electing him is make things even worse.

I’m not going to dress up my words: The Conservatives are evil. Or in their very best, they have no problems aligning themselves with evil.

One of Scheer’s biggest voter draws is that he promises to change the immigration and refugee system–which by the way, are already a lot harder than the average Canadian even knows–and views refugees as “cheating the system.” It’s no secret they would specifically target minorities, as that is what their voter base wants. No, I’m not lying or exaggerating. 69% of Conservative voters think there are “too many” visible minorities coming to Canada.


Scheer says “We should be able to have an immigration debate in this country without the government calling its critics racists and bigots.” Then stop being and appealing to racists and bigots. And stop defending them, Scheer.

(Sidenote: White Canadians against immigration and claim that immigrants will pollute ‘Canadian culture’ are all a bunch of idiot hypocrites.)

Scheer has recently tried to backpedal on his history of aligning himself with white nationalists (also see: his involvement with R*bel M*dia)–and one need only look at his involvement with the United We Roll rally to know it is not old history by any means–and his party’s long history of racism, by saying that such bigotry is not welcome in the party. And yet same time he does nothing to actually get rid of it.


Speaking of United We Roll, let’s also make it very clear that the Conservative Party are even bigger oil company bootlickers than the Liberals. Scheer’s idea of fighting climate change has steady been cancelling the carbon tax, ending the ban on tanker traffic, and repealing Bill C-69. This hasn’t changed much, as the newest Conservative Climate Change plan is the most inefficient yet more expensive at the same time.

Scheer is an expert at saying all the right words of pseudo compassion without actually acknowledging anything. He did this by showing his inability to so much as say the word Muslim after the mosque attack in New Zealand, instead saying that “freedom was attacked.”

He also did this by deciding that genocide is too mean a word to use and refusing to acknowledge the MMIW inquiry’s findings, and pulling the classic “all lives matter” type of approach. That’s not what a man who I’d trust to care for my rights as an Indigenous woman would say.

Scheer claims he wants to gain more support from First Nations, while at the same time notably not presenting any evidence or answers to why he’d be any different than Harper? Buddy boy, most of us wouldn’t be caught dead voting for your party to begin with, but now you really buried your chances.

Scheer also has a record of homophobia and transphobia. He voted against legalizing same sex marriage, and has defended this vote by saying he “voted with his conscious.” Some conscious, then. He also voted against Bill C-16 (more human rights for trans people) and defended himself by saying that “the left” is too intolerant of intolerance. (Give your best go at wrapping your head around that.) That’s not what a man who I’d trust to care for my rights as a gay gal would say, either.

Scheer has been big on advocating for “free speech,” including claiming he will pull funding from universities that “do not foster a culture of free speech on their campuses.” But given he refuses to actually clarify what he means when he says this, and given it’s always the go-to defence for bigot rhetoric, that should make you scared of what ‘free speech’ he has in mind. 

Scheer wants to adopt a more American model of gun control by repealing our gun control laws. In fact he has more plans about guns than health care. Brilliant plan. I see it works so well for the States.

But above everything, above absolutely everything else, this is really all you need to know about him, in a single summary: 

His supporters call him “Stephen Harper 2.0.”


PS: Even if you’re not Canadian, I’d really appreciate you reblogging this post for your Canadian followers. It always warms my heart to see people from other nations taking care in our politics, as it’s easy to feel overshadowed when you have a neighbour like the all-engrossing US.

The Harper years did an incredible amount of damage that we haven’t even begun to recover from. Another Conservative government will make it so much worse. 

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