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The Alberta legislature building. (Scott Neufeld/CBC) With candidate nominations complete, we now have a clear picture of which political parties are running in the 2019 Alberta election, and how many candidates they’re fielding.

There are 13 parties running candidates.

Of those, the NDP, United Conservative Party, Alberta Party, Liberal Party and Freedom Conservative Party had at least one seat in the legislature in the last session.

Deirdre Mitchell-MacLean, a political watcher who hosts the podcast This Week In Alberta Politics, says she can’t see a scenario where other parties win a seat.

"It is very difficult to imagine how they would pick up seats," says Mitchell-MacLean. "People want change and they have already decided where to put their support. These smaller parties aren’t really offering something amazingly different than what the UCP is to the NDP."

For upstart parties, getting traction outside of their original leader, and the geographic area, can be a challenge.

"The biggest issue is getting more support outside of where they began," said Mitchell-MacLean.

Here is a quick summary of all the active, registered parties vying for your vote on April 16: Alberta Advantage Party

Motto: "Compassion, self reliance, integrity"

Number of Candidates : 28

A new contender in this election cycle, the Alberta Advantage Party was founded by former members of the Wildrose Party who were dissatisfied with the merger with the Progressive Conservatives.

The party wants to lower taxes, revise the education curriculum, and restructure the province’s energy sector.

"By allowing small oil and gas companies to buy abandoned and stranded oil and gas wells and begin to extract that oil and gas, we could bring in an extra $2 billion a year," said Marilyn Burns, leader of the Alberta Advantage Party, adding she would also push for Alberta coal to be sold overseas. Alberta Independence Party

Motto : "We accept all rights and freedoms at no threat, harm or expense to anybody else’s rights and freedoms"

Number of Candidates : 63

Not to be confused with the Separation Party of Alberta, the Alberta Independence Party is witnessing a bit of a rebirth this year, with more candidates on the offer than even the Alberta Liberals."We are the only party that’s running a separatist party platform," said interim leader Dave Bjorkman. "Derek Fildebrandt and Jason Kenney do not run anything close to what we’re doing." Alberta Liberal Party Alberta Liberal Party Leader David Khan. (Codie McLachlan/Canadian Press) Motto : "Bold ideas. Better tomorrow" Number of Candidates : 51With long-time MLA David Swann retiring, the Alberta Liberal Party has undergone some soul-searching with the election of a new leader and now a new vision for the province."It’s the best place in the world to live — right here in Alberta," said David Khan, an Indigenous rights lawyer who has been leading the party since mid-2017."But we’ve got to focus on making that better and supporting Albertans in their lofty ambitions and their hopes and dreams," he said.The Alberta Liberal Party wants to lower corporate taxes and eliminate personal income taxes for most Albertans, shifting instead to a revenue-neutral sales tax of eight per cent.The party is running a notably diverse slate of candidates in this election cycle, with 22 women, 16 visible minorities and three with indigenous backgrounds. Alberta New Democratic Party Alberta NDP Leader Rachel Notley. (Codie McLachlan/The Canadian Press) Motto : "Fighting for Alberta" Number of Candidates : 87The Alberta NDP is fighting to stay in power, and so far has approached that challenge with a combination of policy announcements and pitting leader Rachel Notley against UCP rival Jason Kenney.The party is running on its track record — doubling down on a number […]

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