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The Director General of Nutritional Policy and Promotion at Health Canada says factors like cost and availability weighed heavily into the new food guide.

Dr. Hasan Hutchinson is in this province to talk about the new food guide and how to apply it in your everyday life.

Canada unveiled a new food guide several months ago, but research from Dalhousie University suggests the produce-heavy fare may be too expensive, or not enticing enough to easily form the basis of most Canadians’ diets.

Dr. Hutchinson says they took a number of things into consideration. He says they looked at what people were eating, different cultures, traditional diets of indigenous peoples and what’s produced in Canada, but cost was there as well.

He says in the new food guide you see examples of foods that are not just fresh.

Hutchinson says they can be frozen, dried or canned. There is good processing that can happen, and that really makes the availability of food much better across the country.

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