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Kairos’s executive director Jennifer Henry praises Manitoba’s efforts to implement a Truth and Reconciliation call to action for mandatory curriculum for all grades on Indigenous peoples. (Warren Kay/CBC ) Manitoba is getting top grades for its efforts to achieve reconciliation through education, but still has a long way to go, says a report card from Kairos on the implementation of the findings of the Truth and Reconciliation report.

Kairos, a non-profit organization of 10 churches and religious organizations that does human rights and advocacy work, looked at what each province and territory is doing to implement the education component in the recommendations.

Provinces and territories were graded on their public commitment to achieving reconciliation through education and their implementation of proposed changes.

Kairos’s 2018 report gives Manitoba an average grade of "excellent," saying the province has created multiple training programs and guides for teachers.

The grade is an improvement from 2016, when the non-profit said Manitoba needed to do more work on the implementation of this recommendation.

Jennifer Henry, executive director of Kairos, said across Canada, provinces have moved to include classes on residential schools and their impacts.

In Manitoba, social studies programs are now mandatory all the way through Grade 12, Henry said, which led to Manitoba having the strongest rating.

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