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Tom Hudson, a Metis singer/songwriter from Thebacha, Fort Smith, is the second artist profiled in Musicians of the Midnight Sun. (Submitted/Pat Braden ) Musicians of the Midnight Sun is a new 10-part CBC radio series produced by Northern musical icon Pat Braden. Braden has spent 15 years collecting interviews, photographs, and recordings from some of the North’s most celebrated artists, which he is releasing in an online archive.

A new episode of the 10-part series will debut on CBC Radio One’s The Trailbreaker every Tuesday morning at 7:40 MT.

Listen to Episode 2 of Musicians of the Midnight Sun

Tom Hudson is a Mé​tis singer/songwriter from Thebacha, or Fort Smith. He found his passion for performing as a young man when his friends encouraged him to sing along to hit songs and continues to be one of the most distinctive and versatile voices in the North today. EXTERNAL | Visit the Musicians of the Midnight Sun website for more archival photos and recordings

Hudson is the second musician profiled by the new CBC radio series Musicians of the Midnight Sun . Tom Hudson, left, and bandmates Randy Deman, Charles Fitzpatrick, Sandy Wilson and Kelly Tippert perform in 1975. (Submitted/ Pat Braden ) In his interview with series producer Pat Braden, Hudson recalls his time travelling as a young man to Northern communities, performing with his band, The Centennaires.

"We got to travel the Mackenzie River stopping at a different settlement every second day," said Hudson. "We were just the scene at the time at Akaitcho Hall and I think because of that we had the opportunity to go." Tom Hudson’s band the Centennaires preforms on a barge in Tuktoyaktuk, Northwest Territories during Canada’s 100th year celebration in 1967. (Submitted/ Pat Braden ) Hudson and the Centennaires preformed for a centennial celebration in 1967 before disbanding shortly after.

You can listen to Pat Braden’s full interview with Hudson and see photos from then and now on the project’s website .

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