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14 candidates are seeking seats on Fort Smith’s council in the Oct. 15 election. (Priscilla Hwang/CBC) Voters in Fort Smith will head to the polls to select a new mayor and council on Oct. 15. While candidates for mayor participated in a live debate on The Trailbreaker earlier this week , CBC North asked each candidate for council to tell us a bit about themselves, their priorities, and why voters should tick their name on election day.

Here are their replies, in their own words. Here are the candidates for the 2018 N.W.T. municipal elections

Responses received by CBC are listed in alphabetical order and have been edited for clarity and style. If you are a candidate for council in the N.W.T.’s upcoming municipal elections and would like to have your response included, please email

Louise Beaulieu​ I was born and raised in Fort Smith. I am a Metis, a 4th-generation descendant of Francois King Beaulieu I, and am a mother to three adult children.

I was one of the first females to break barriers in forestry fire fighting as a crew member, crew boss, and fire boss, a career I held for 26 years. I was also the first female to hold the rank of Sergeant for the 1 Canadian Ranger Patrol Group in Fort Smith.

I organized and ran a citizens on patrol group in the Fort Smith area for 10 years. I planned and co-organized the alternative Phoenix School in Fort Smith in 2005, which is still going strong.

I’m also a hunter and trapper and have a trapline in the Fort Smith area.

Throughout the years, I’ve seen changes in and around the community take place. In the last few years, seen it go from mild to extreme when it comes to violence and break ins. Safety and open communication needs to be addressed in our community. I’m also a people person and at time’s will advocate for the community people for different issues.

I love meeting and talking to the people and listening to their concern’s in our community. I’m also an open book, so to speak, as people know who I am and what I’m about. I’m also an advocate for people when needed to be for issues involving our community and the betterment of it and am not afraid to speak on matters that need addressing.

Michael Couvrette​ I have called Fort Smith home since moving here in 1986. I am a long-term northern resident of 48 years and have resided in multiple communities across the NWT and what is now Nunavut since 1970.

I previously served on Fort Smith’s town council in the mid 1990s. I am retired from the GNWT and spend much of my time focused on operating an alpaca farm and related agricultural activities with my wife Helena. I serve as the chairperson of the Thebacha & Wood Buffalo Astronomical Society and as a volunteer coordinator for the society’s annual Dark Sky Festival and other activities.

I am a committee member on the town’s Tourism and Trade Advisory Board. In the past I also participated on several boards as an individual, as a representative of a government or town council.

I would like to see Fort Smith take positive steps to become a more economically diversified and sustainable community. This can be achieved by marketing our community as a favourable and affordable place to set up or relocate businesses by highlighting our affordable cost-of-living, showcasing the abundance of recreational and excellent lifestyle opportunities, and by developing other incentives. Initially, we should focus on targeting small businesses that can easily operate remotely and are based […]

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