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With the municipal election less than a week away, we asked Yellowknife’s candidates for city council to tell us a bit about themselves, their priorities, and why voters should tick their name on election day. (Chantal Dubuc/CBC) Yellowknife’s municipal election is less than a week away, on Monday, Oct. 15. While candidates for mayor will participate in a live debate on CBC’s The Trailbreaker on Friday, Oct. 12, CBC North asked each candidate for city council to tell us a bit about themselves, their priorities, and why voters should tick their name on election day.

Here are their replies in their own words.

Responses are listed in alphabetical order and have been edited for clarity and style. If you are a candidate for council and would like to have your response included, please email

Mark Bogan

I have lived in Yellowknife for over 30 years and have come to love a city I call home. I have worked in a number of sectors in employment or as a volunteer, giving me an in-depth knowledge of the city. My current employment at a homeless shelter indicates my passion for helping others. Such employment has led me to research social programs with a proven track record in other countries that have improved their cities and communities.

The N.W.T. currently has some of the highest drug and alcohol and crime and family violence rates in Canada — not the attributes that attract investment. While it is the responsibility of city hall to maintain essential services, quality of life is an important factor.

It is my intent to reach out to various stakeholders, education, policing, recreational and social services to have a comprehensive community voice in improving Yellowknife. Such items might include better drug and alcohol awareness in schools, programs for the homeless and addicted, and an increase in recreational activities for our young and their families.

It is my conviction that to have a better Yellowknife we need to come together as a community, examine the challenges that face us and seek solutions for them.

Josh Campbell

I have been in Yellowknife and the North since June 23, 2007, when I first moved up for my first paid job in radio as a broadcast journalist for CJCD Mix 100. It was still locally-owned and managed by Eileen Dent. (Submitted/Rebecca Jumbo Photography) Since then, I have worked for the former member of Parliament for 3.5 years, worked for a year with YKDFN [Yellowknives Dene First Nation] as a chief’s executive assistant, and as a constituency assistant with former Sahtu MLA Norman Yakeleya for four months.

I have been with CKLB [Radio] in different capacities since 2012. I also worked briefly with INAC [Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada], UNW [Union of Northern Workers], and Elections NWT In a communications capacity.

Some key planks in my platform are: Lobbying Transport Canada and the GNWT to extend the runway and make our airport an international destination to boost our tourism sector and economy.

Work with the new mayor and council and sell the Yellowknife Dog Trotters’ Association their lot, so we’re not in another 30-year limbo. Kam Lake is an industrial park and dog mushing centre. Let’s keep it that way.

Increase wheelchair accessibility. We are a capital city, we are an Arctic city. Lets remove needless barriers for all our citizens’ mobility.

Keep our taxes low. It’s an expensive enough place to live without taxing our middle class and future entrepreneurs.

Enforce better pet clean up practices. #PoopScoop. Increase and enhance better communications between the City and all media outlets and the public. Build upon and improve our relationship […]

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