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This young girl was not quite old enough to participate in the drum dance, but definitely old enough to enjoy it! (Alex Brockman/CBC) People from across the Sahtu region of the Northwest Territories met in Tulita this week for the Sahtu Secretariat’s annual meeting and assembly.

The week also marked the 25th anniversary of the Sahtu Dene Métis Land Claim, signed in 1993.

The meetings covered the usual business of Northern assemblies, electing a new chair of Sahtu Secretariat Inc., the administrative body made up of the seven land claim corporations, reviewing the finances and hearing from the region’s MLA and MP.

But there was more than that happening, especially in the evenings after the meetings wrapped up. There were poker tournaments, jigging contests and drum dancing.

Here’s a look at some of the photos CBC’s Alex Brockman and Leitha Kochon took along the way. The delegation from Colville Lake, N.W.T., listens in during a debate at the Sahtu assembly. (Alex Brockman/CBC) Walter Beyah, from Deline, N.W.T., pauses while he skins a moosehead at the end of the day in Tulita. (Alex Brockman/CBC) Joe Bernard, and elder from Tulita, opened and closed each day’s meetings by saying prayer. He led the assembly in Our Father and Hail Mary spoken in Slavey. (Alex Brockman/CBC ) John Cotchilly, from Fort Good Hope, N.W.T., takes a break from his set on the last night of the assembly in Tulita. He sang country and western tunes sung in a mix of English and Slavey. (Alex Brockman/CBC) Before the last night’s drum dance, people got together for a square dance. There were some great dance moves and a lot of laughs. (Alex Brockman/CBC) After the assembly Thursday evening, people spent the night drum dancing at the local arena, celebrating a successful week. (Alex Brockman/CBC) CBC’s Leitha Kochon couldn’t stop laughing at Alex Brockman’s attempt at square dancing on the last night of the assembly. (Alex Brockman/CBC) Frank Andrew drums during a prayer song memorialising his aunt Rosie Andrew who died just before the assembly began. Nearly everyone at the assembly attended her funeral in Tulita Thursday. (Alex Brockman/CBC) Stella Rabesca, from Fort Good Hope, N.W.T., listens in during the meeting Wednesday in Tulita. The Yamoga Land Claim Corporation brought in an additional 25 people from Fort Good Hope for the assembly. (Alex Brockman/CBC) Frank Andrew leads the drummers as they perform at the end of the night Thursday. (Alex Brockman/CBC)

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