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Describe yourself and your experience.

What prompted you to run in your School District?

Do you live within the District you are hoping to represent?

Do you have a website or Facebook page where people can get more information about you and what is it?

Below, are their answers, as they have been received.

Charlene McKay Describe yourself and your experience :

I am a wife and mother of 2 daughters, who has been involved as a volunteer in our school district for the past 6 years. I am self-employed as a medical transcriptionist.

For the past 4 years, I have represented parents at the Board of Education and District level in School District 68 on various committees and working groups. This representation included advocating at the Education and Business Committees on behalf of the District Parent Advisory Council. Other SD68 working groups I have been involved with include the Educational Technology Advisory Group, Safe Schools Committee (formerly Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity, and Multicultural Race Relations Committees), School Calendar Working Group, and several consultations and working groups related to schools, facilities, and the Enhanced Learning Framework. My commitment to representing parents and PACs included over 275 meetings in the areas noted above. This is in addition to the time I happily spend helping at my children’s school.

What prompted you to run in your school district?

Running for school trustee feels like the natural next step for me. I would like to broaden the representation that I have been able to bring to Board of Education Committees by representing a larger voter base including students and other educational stakeholders.

Do you live within the district you hope to represent?

Yes, I do. We live in North Nanaimo and have students attending elementary in grades 6 and 2.

Do you have a website or Facebook page where people can get more information about you and what is it?

Bill Robinson – Incumbent Describe yourself and your experience. For more than thirty years, my personal mission statement has been: “To motivate myself and those I reach to seek out and activate the best in ourselves and each other.” Since then I have pursued that mission through my various careers as a major market broadcaster, local newspaper columnist, inspirational speaker, teacher and, for the past seven years, as a SD68 trustee.

My goal is to continue to bring a calm voice of reason to the board; one that comes with no baggage and no hidden agenda other than a passionate commitment to help students and teaching professionals be the best they can be. I will pursue this goal through persistence, team work, consensus building and collaboration.

When once again asking for your vote as a School District 68 Trustee, the guiding principles I commit to are: to always do the right thing for the district as a whole, not the politically smart thing; to stand as a staunch defender and promoter of our public education system; to use my career-long experience and acquired skill-sets to inspire and motivate students, teachers, other staff members and partners to be the best they can be. What prompted you to run in your School District? I have a long standing interest in working with youth. For instance, back in 1973 I started the Nanaimo Interact Club, a high school Rotary Club, which supported a school I worked with in Zimbabwe. Specifically they raised money to support AIDS orphans. They raised $20,000 over the first two years and made a huge difference for many students in Zimbabwe, while gaining a whole lot of experience for themselves.A few years ago, one of the students […]

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