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Lethbridge Herald

Gearing up for the new school semester, Lethbridge College opened its doors today to nearly 1,100 new students for the annual New Student Orientation, to help students get prepared before classes begin on Wednesday.

“Beginning college is a major milestone in our students’ lives and we want them to be ready to succeed from day one,” says Shelly Carter-Rose, Lethbridge College’s Director of Student Services. “Our New Student Orientation has been refined over many years to get to the heart of what students have told us they want and need to know to be successful. We hope they leave the day feeling supported and prepared for the journey that lies ahead.”

Students begin the day in their specific program orientations where they will be able to meet all of their instructors personally, and meet their classmates that they will be spending the next few years with.

They will then take part in an institution-wide greeting, which includes the inaugural “Ask the Experts panel” where a group that includes the Provost and Vice-President Academic, the Director of Student Services, an instructor and a current student will answer questions asked by the students themselves.

“When students come to campus, they have so many varied questions on all sorts of topics,” says Carter-Rose. “This will give them a chance to learn a variety of things from those who know our college best – everything from where the best food and places to study are, to how to access health services.”

As the new students at the college pile in and quickly learn the way of their future careers, the senior students will follow Wednesday for the first day of the 2018 fall semester. Later in the month, the college will be hosting an Indigenous students welcome ceremony on Sept. 11, and an international students welcome ceremony Sept 15.


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