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CBC Northbeat’s new host, Juanita Taylor, kicked off her career with the CBC in 2009. (Juanita Taylor/CBC) CBC Northbeat has a new host: Juanita Taylor.

Taylor began her career with the CBC in 2009, after graduating from the Academy of Broadcasting Corporation in Winnipeg in 2007.

Her first gig was with CBC North, where she took on roles as a reporter, associate producer, newsreader, and radio and TV host. Juanita Taylor is the new host of CBC Northbeat. Watch her weeknights at 6 p.m. MT. (Juanita Taylor/CBC) After a brief absence from the corporation in 2017, Taylor returned to CBC North. She sees her new hosting opportunity with Northbeat as a dream come true.

"It has been my my dream job," said Taylor. "I grew up watching the show, growing up in Arviat, when Carol Morin was the host."

Taylor, who is Inuit, spent time in the prairies before later moving to Arviat, Nunavut. It’s where her family is from, and a place she is proud to call home. Taylor now lives in Yellowknife.

"I want to be that clear voice and friendly smile that people all across the North will see and welcome into their home as a source of their news of the day," said Taylor.

Taylor takes over for longtime Northbeat host Randy Henderson, who retired earlier this year. Passing of the torch

Henderson said he hopes audiences will appreciate Taylor’s work ethic and knowledge of the communities. He added she will be looked up to for her great pronunciation of Inuktitut names.

"She’s a very approachable and nice person," said Henderson. "She’s family oriented, has a great sense of humour and, professionally, she was great to work with." Juanita Taylor, back left, during the last show for former CBC Northbeat host Randy Henderson. (Walter Strong/CBC) The two hosts worked together on-set during Henderson’s tenure as host of Northbeat, when Taylor was a reporter. He said one of the more memorable moments the two spent together was during his last show, when Taylor anchored a tribute to Henderson.

"Whenever there is a special event like an election, I know she will be a valuable contributor," said Henderson.

Watch Taylor Monday to Friday on CBC Northbeat at 6 p.m. MT.

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