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Heather Bear, fourth vice chief, Federation of Sovereign Indigenous Nations. (Brandon Harder/CBC) An emergency meeting has been called for Wednesday afternoon to resolve a standoff over the interim leadership of the Federation of Sovereign Indigenous Nations.

The Federation’s Indian Government Commission and Senate will host a hearing to decide who will serve as interim chief. Chief Bobby Cameron stepped down to campaign during the one month campaign period which began this week, according to an FSIN statement. FSIN first vice-chief Kimberly Jonathan. (CBC) First vice-chief Kim Jonathon said this week that she should be the one, citing various laws and precedents. Former FSIN chief and current FSIN senator Sol Sanderson agreed.

"It’s pretty clear in the legislation. Some people want to play around with that. That’s their business. But that’s the law we have under our jurisdiction," Sanderson said.

Jonathon was locked out of the chief’s office and police were called. Jonathon’s FSIN email was disabled. She said she’s not giving up.

FSIN executive and administration sees things differently. They cited other legislation stating that a vice-chief cannot serve as interim chief if their own position is up for election. Jonathon’s position is being contested, but she is not running.

They’ve appointed fourth vice-chief Heather Bear interim chief. Officials shared an email from FSIN legal counsel supporting their position.

A statement said Bear will not be commenting.

The governance commission is comprised of chiefs and other delegates from across the province. It oversees and interprets the legislation of the FSIN.

The election for chief and two vice-chief positions are up for election Oct. 25 in Saskatoon.

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