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Wendy Mirasty has written a self-help book called 52 Weeks of a Single Mother’s Love. (Wendy Merasty) When Wendy Mirasty couldn’t find the kind of guidance she needed to cope as a single mother, she had an idea.

"I found there wasn’t so much out there for me as a single parent. I searched libraries, bookstores in different cities, I looked on Amazon!" says Mirasty. "I couldn’t find those kind of resources so I thought, maybe I can create something." Mirasty says the book helped her to appreciate her own relationship with her eight-year-old son. (Submitted by Wendy Merasty ) Mirasty, 28, is a Cree woman from the Lac La Ronge First Nation in Northern Saskatchewan who now lives in Prince Albert, Sask., with her eight-year-old son

Her training in mental health and social work created a base for the project she started two years ago. It was completed earlier this year and launched this summer in Saskatoon, Prince Albert and her home community of Lac La Ronge.​

Mirasty says she wanted to figure out a way to help other parents balance work, life and the trials and triumphs single parents face raising their children alone.

52 Weeks of a Single Mother’s Love is based on positive self-reflection. It’s filled with quotes and affirmations, as well as weekly exercises. The book allows parents to look at the positive aspects of their relationships with their children and to appreciate the simple things in life.

For young mothers like Reina Morin, a single mother of three sons aged nine, six and three, the book was life-changing. Reina Morin says 52 Weeks of a Mother’s Love helped her relationship with her sons, and made her see her life in a different perspective. (Submitted by Reina Morin) "Her book has helped me connect with my children," says Morin. "At one point, I didn’t know how to tell my sons I loved them. Now from what I learned from the book I tell my sons how proud I am of them, and how much I love them."

"After I read the book, it made me realized my children are truly my blessing and how they bring life to me." says Morin

Mirasty says she knows that paying bills, going to appointments and working day-to-day can sometimes leave single parents feeling defeated. She wants parents who read the book to walk away with a different perspective.

"Being a single parent, things don’t often turn out the way we expect. And this book is a way for single parents to move forward positively, regardless of the way our day goes. As parents we can’t focus on the negative," says Mirasty.

Mirasty produced, published and launched the book on her own, from her own pocket. Although she is selling copies and sending them to people around the country, all the money raised goes back into getting the book out to the public. Violet Naytowhow was inspired to write a song called She was Just a Girl after reading Mirasty’s book. (Wendy Merasty) The positive response from single parents has encouraged Mirasty to write another book that illustrates how every family is unique by sharing real stories from single parents around the province.

Violet Naytowhow has been a single parent for most of her adult life and was so moved by the book she bought several copies and passed them along to friends and family. Naytowhow was inspired to write a song called She was Just a Girl , a song she sang for Mirasty at one of her book launches.

"I think the book itself is really amazing because it shows Wendy’s perseverance as a single parent," […]

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