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Corey O’Soup, the Saskatchewan government’s advocate for children and youth, leads a team of people who work on behalf of the province’s young people. (CBC ) Saskatchewan’s children’s advocate Corey O’Soup would like to see a separate Indigenous children’s advocate but he doesn’t want the Saskatchewan government to pay for it.

Instead he’d like to see a position created under the Federation of Sovereign Indigenous Nations. O’Soup said he has spoken to FSIN Chief Bobby Cameron about the matter.

"We see the over representation of our young Indigenous people in the care of government services," O’Soup said in a press release.

He noted more than 70 per cent of children in the care of social services are Indigenous, as are more than 90 per cent of youth in custody.

"I support any and all resources that help our Indigenous young people succeed," said O’Soup

O’Soup released the statement after the NDP called on the provincial government yesterday to appoint an Indigenous children’s advocate. Deputy NDP leader Carla Beck said yesterday that O’Soup supported the idea.

The NDP also called on the provincial government to review the child welfare system and Beck pointed to the Justice For Our Stolen Children camp in Regina as evidence that people want change.

The camp has been on the lawn of the Legislative Building in Regina since February protesting perceived societal injustices in the federal law system, as well as social services and child care.

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