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A new doctor at the Chatham-Kent Community Health Centres (CKCHC) will be working closely with First Nations patients in the community.

Beginning this month, Dr. Samantha Boshart will be providing primary care on a part-time basis to the Bkejwanong community at the Chatham-Kent Community Health Centres’ Walpole Island and Wallaceburg sites.

“It gives me an opportunity to really get to know the community on a deeper level. For me, it’s an opportunity to practice how I’ve always wanted to practice,” says Dr. Boshart. “I’m [also] excited for my daughter to have the opportunity to grow up with her culture, language and traditions being so close to the beautiful Walpole Island.”

Dr. Boshart is originally from London where she completed her Family Medicine residency in 2013. She currently acts as an executive board member for the Indigenous Physicians Association of Canada and is the regional Aboriginal cancer lead for Cancer Care Ontario. She also works as a part-time physician for the De Dwa De Des Nyes Aboriginal Health Centre in Hamilton.

Dr. Boshart will be focusing on more wholistic approaches with her clients.

“It’s more about taking a step back from pulling people apart in terms of diagnosis and micro-management and numbers. It’s more just about looking at the entire person, their family, and their community… so it’s more just a different approach,” explains Boshart. “Classically, we’re trained to do that, but I think we lose that as we go into the healthcare field and we’re strapped for time. People just don’t get the care they need. I think all human beings require the same care, it doesn’t matter where you come from. It’s just that I’m more connected when it comes to looking at individuals in a broader context.”

Dr. Boshart is accepting new patients at the Walpole Island site. Those interested can visit the CKCHC office, go online , or call (519)-397-5455.

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