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Wesley Bergeron holds one of the 12 pieces of iron he found near the rock crusher. (Mackenzie Scott/CBC) Police are investigating after pieces of solid iron were jammed into an Inuvik welding company’s crusher feed. A supervisor at Bob’s Welding Ltd. says the iron not only damaged its equipment, but nearly caused serious injury.

The company says it happened over the weekend of August 18, sometime between Friday night and Monday morning.

Iron is about three times harder than rock, so when the crusher was turned on Monday morning they damaged the machine and two pieces were spit out. This crusher spit out a solid piece of iron, nearly hitting a person working nearby. (Mackenzie Scott/CBC) One of them just missed the control tower where the operator was sitting. The company says it could have seriously hurt, or even killed someone.

"We had one come out of our cone," said Wesley Bergeron, supervisor for Bob’s Welding.

"People sit in there and it landed right on the ground where people work and shovel.

"Obviously [it was] deliberately put in the machine to cause damage, but it could have caused death to anybody. These are guys I work with day by day. I know their kids and family."

Bergeron says there was nothing in the machine when he left on Friday. He says when he returned on Monday there were 12 pieces of iron found in and around the machine.

Whoever is responsible would have had to drive 15 minutes outside of Inuvik to the rock quarry and get through a gate.

The company is offering a $2,500 reward to anyone with information that leads to a conviction.

Anyone with information is asked to call Inuvik RCMP.

With files from Mackenzie Scott

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