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Chief Brian Francis says funding will provide a ‘key role’ in the community’s economic development. (Rick Gibbs/CBC) The federal government is providing roughly $558,000 in funding for a wild-fish stocking facility and community centre upgrades for the Abegweit First Nation community in Scotchford, P.E.I., according to a government news release.

The Abegweit Conservation Society will receive more than $212,000 through the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency to improve the Abegweit Biodiversity Enhancement Hatchery, the only wild-fish stocking facility in P.E.I. The hatchery is receiving roughly $333,000 total in federal funding. (Rick Gibbs/CBC) The federal government is also providing $121,000 in additional funding to the hatchery through the Aboriginal Aquaculture in Canada Initiative and Crown-Indigenous Relations and Northern Affairs Canada. $333K for fish hatchery

In total, the hatchery will receive $333,000.

The Abegweit Band will also receive $156,000 in funding from ACOA to expand and upgrade the Mawiomi Building in Scotchford. The Mawiomi Building is the centre for many of the Abegweit First Nation’s community events. (Rick Gibbs/CBC) As well, Crown-Indigenous Relations and Northern Affairs Canada is also contributing $69,000 to the building for a total of $225,000. ‘Major employer’

"The two projects announced today play a key role in our community’s strategic economic development," Chief Brian Francis said in the release.

"Abegweit First Nation has become a major employer, creating jobs for 170 people both within and outside the community. The enterprises we’ve undertaken are diverse and innovative, but always rooted in tradition."

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