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Brenda Lucki was sworn in as the first ever woman RCMP commissioner on Thursday. (Olivia Stefanovich/CBC) The first ever woman to head the RCMP was sworn in at a ceremony at Regina’s F Division on Thursday.

Brenda Lucki stepped into the job as commissioner six months ago. She’s been with the force now for 33 years.

Since taking over the top job, she said she’s been travelling the country talking to officers.

One of her first priorities is to start rebuilding trust within the force.

After that they can fix issues like bullying and harassment among officers. "It marks a cornerstone for change and I’m just ecstatic and excited to be able to be part of leading that change," said Lucki, after being sworn in as the first ever female RCMP commissioner. (Olivia Stefanovich/CBC) "If a person comes forward — it doesn’t matter what we do — if they do not trust the system, they will not trust the results," she said. "So, we have to build that trust. And all of these things, all of these changes will take time."

Lucki said she plans to sit down early next week and start crafting a plan for what she hopes to accomplish in the coming years. The multi-year plan should be ready by 2019, she said.

Bullying has come up as one of the internal issues she said she’ll focus on. She also said the force will take steps to fix the relationship between Indigenous people and the RCMP.

"Maybe we need to look at some of our core values in the RCMP and see if it does reflect reconciliation. We are going to continue with perceptions and cultural awareness training." ‘A cornerstone for change’

Lucki is the 24th person to ever hold the role of top mountie. All of the previous commissioners have been men.

And, while she didn’t brush off the fact that Thursday marked a historic occasion, she said when it comes time to hand over the job to a new commissioner, there’s one thing she wants to be able to prove to herself.

"I always say I have to make every community that I’ve worked in better than what it was when I got there," she said.

"I want the communities to trust their RCMP and to see themselves in the RCMP."

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