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Duffy Baker Duffy Baker, the owner of an award-winning construction company in Penticton, is putting his name forward to run for city council next month.

The 31-year-old owns and operates Duffy Baker Construction, which has been in business since 2016 and employs 16 people. Earlier this year, the company was named the Thompson Okanagan’s Trades Business of the Year , and was a finalist for the Premier’s People Choice Award in the Small Business B.C. Awards.

Baker has called Penticton home for 12 years and lives with his fiancé, Koa Hughes, and two step children. He and Hughes are the subjects of a CBC Documentary airing this fall which focuses on the daily life of entrepreneurs.

His platform for council is centred around "affordability and poverty reduction, community revitalization, and enhancing economic prosperity."

Baker is a status Ojibwe First Nation who grew up in a single-parent home on a reserve in Ontario, and he said he experienced daily struggles of poverty and trauma.

“B.C. is the only province without a poverty reduction plan, and too many families struggle just to make ends meet. I think everyone in the Okanagan knows there is a housing crisis," he said.

Baker is also on the committee for the non-profit Mamas for Mamas which supports low-income mothers and their children, and he said more action needs to be taken to accommodate vulnerable residents.

As a builder, he added he’d like to see more initiatives to entice developers to build affordable housing. He said he was recently spent a week in the Netherlands with a group from the Okanagan learning alternate styles of housing and transportation.

He added he wants to see more support for small businesses to start up and grow. "Small businesses provide employment opportunities, contribute to community growth, and promote economic growth."

Baker called himself a "young guy" in the coming election, and urged the importance for residents to get out and vote.

"The only way to get the city you want is by making sure the people who are getting voted in also want the same type of city."

As of posting, Baker was one of 19 candidates for city council listed on the city’s website .


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