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(Melissa Nakhavoly/CBC) The University of Windsor held a prayer vigil Thursday honouring the lives of Tina Fontaine and Colten Boushie.

Fontaine was 15-years-old when her body was discovered in Winnipeg’s Red River, wrapped in a duvet cover and weighed down with rocks, on Aug. 17, 2014. Colten Boushie was 22-years-old when he was fatally shot in Battleford, Sask. after he and four friends from the Red Pheasant First Nation reserve drove onto Gerald Stanley’s rural property on Aug. 9, 2016. Both of the accused murderers were found not guilty.

​Beadaabuhn Logan said she wanted to attend the vigil because she saw a bit of herself in the young victims.

"Basically it was familiar unfortunately — it could have been me," she said. "I’m the same age as him." Fifteen-year-old Tina Fontaine died in 2014. Her body was pulled from the Red River in Winnipeg. Colten Boushie, 22, died in 2016 after an altercation on a farm in Saskatchewan. This isn’t far from her reality.

"It has happened in my family. It has happened in my friends circle," Logan said. "There hasn’t been a family I don’t know that hasn’t been touched by that, so I really wanted to be here to give a a voice to the youth."

Logan said Indigenous youth don’t have a voice or anyone to help them. Indigenous people at the vigil, as well as their allies, say the system is plagued with systemic racism. (Melissa Nakhavoly/CBC) "Our people need to get a head start, we need to get involved in the justice system, in the child welfare system, in the education system, and involved in our homes and our communities."

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