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Food insecurity in many regions of Canada is a growing concern. We are an academically-educated team of young adults researching food insecurity in First Nations & Indigenous communities across Canada, and ultimately wish to find potential solutions which may increase availability and affordability of food products.

We extend our sincerest thanks for your participation in this brief questionnaire. The insights collected will be used to help design solutions for First Nations & Indigenous communities.

Note: Please complete this survey only once. Do not repeat this questionnaire.

Your responses will be kept strictly confidential and reported only in aggregate, non-identifiable format.

Thank you kindly for your participation and insights. 😊

To combat food insecurity in these communities, there are greenhouse initiatives that build greenhouses in order for food insecure regions to grow their own produce and have access to it for more affordable prices. Do you have any experience with a greenhouse initiative? *

Food insecurity in Canadian communities is a challenging topic. Your direct insights are very valuable to our team’s research. Please provide your name and email below if you are willing to discuss your responses further, to help us better understand the challenges you and other remote Canadians may face.

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