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If you are new to the website, welcome!

I hope your finding it an easy and quick way to keep current with all of the Indigenous news that happens each day across Canada.

If you are a member, thank you for registering! While their are no real benefits to you at the moment in registering, it certainly helps me gauge whether people find having a lot of content in one place useful or not. It seems that it is worthwhile and I will keep trying to improve what is available and offer you more value for your time.



A Quick Note

There are now 7,061 articles available. We’re adding roughly anywhere between 20 to 40 new stories most days.

I have updated all the categories so that they have the current articles.

I have added an Archive link so that your able to access all of the older articles. (This was an oversight, at some point it was deleted and I just realized that it was missing. duh.)

There is a “Quick Info’ link on the right side that is a constantly updated ticker for specific topics. It is currently set to display information about the Suicide Crisis as well as information on what happening with Marijuana, which could be a huge opportunity for First Nations from a business and Economy point of view.

If there is an issue or topic that you feel should be included, please shoot me an email.



I had mentioned earlier that I was working on a new site. I still am, but, rather than replacing this website, I’ve decided to make it a separate website with its own domain name.

The new website will be found at

I decided on the name when there was a lot of miserable news stories coming out and I wanted something that reflected my feelings about how depressing things seemed to be. I thought that , depending on how you pronounced and thought about when you say it, “the FN news” could be either, theFNGnews, (shit, here’s more bad news), or it could still mean theFirstNationsnews.

I really need a Logo for the site. Any ideas? Do we have any designers?

This is a working screen capture of the main screen. It’s going to change a lot as I keep adding features and functions. But at least you can see that there is some progress.


Anyways, the plan is to provide some of the same information, but from a lot of different sources and from different angles and perspectives. Additionally, I’m hoping to form some links with other websites as well as a lot of the Bands themselves

. I would like to see the website become more interactive and create more of a community feel and participation. This site will have an actual membership system, still free of course, that will give you access to more features like private messaging, forums, posting abilities, etc.,  I would also like to start featuring and promoting indigenous projects and businesses. Perhaps some of the members would be interested in managing/moderating and growing involvement in some sections?

Currently, we have about 200 members on this website. It’s a small number compared to others, but I think it is enough, that if we work together to spread the word and begin to get people chatting and posting, that we can build a nice, fun little community. Myself, while I am a news hound and love to read just about anything, I also like being to talk to others with similar interests.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this as well as what and how you think the site should be built. 

Again, shoot me a message, I’ll answer each and everyone.

See you soon, Jason

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