Day: November 7, 2017

Student-built wigwam a central piece of Mount Stewart Consolidated

A wigwam at Mount Stewart Consolidated School has become a popular and central place for students to learn, talk and reflect. Junior Peter-Paul, of Abegweit First Nation, showed and helped students build the wigwam earlier this fall as part of a Canada 150 project and it’s been a central piece to the school grounds ever since. ‘We want people to see who we are’: Mi’kmaq Confederacy of P.E.I. opens doors for awareness week “It was just like me the first time I started building it,” Peter-Paul said. “They did pretty good, they were really hands on.” Junior Peter-Paul says...

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Police, shelter welcome new powers to track missing women

Ottawa police, along with at least one Indigenous organization in the capital, are welcoming a new bill they say will make it easier to locate missing women. Bill 175, known as the Safer Ontario Act , was introduced last week. If passed, it would enact the Missing Persons Act, which the provincial government says fulfills a commitment it made in February 2016 to end violence against Indigenous women. The act would make it easier for police to obtain cellphone and credit card records of missing women, even without evidence that a crime has been committed. Those expanded powers were...

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Alberta street gangs recruit with false promises, new study concludes

Dispelling the myth that gang life promises money, status and respect is the best way to help Alberta youth escape criminal lifestyles, according to a new survey of street gangsters. University of Alberta sociologist Jana Grekul led a research team that interviewed 175 current and former gang members in correctional centres across the province. Grekul wanted to know if Alberta prisons are “breeding grounds” for gang recruitment, and how some members managed to escape criminal life. More than two-thirds of the study participants were involved in gangs before they were incarcerated. “There’s a promise of all good things, a...

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1 in 5 adults in Cree Nation live with diabetes

 On the surface, there is very little in common between 59-year-old Maggie Etapp and 23-year-old Jonathan Linton. Linton is a snowmobile racer and former star hockey player; while Etapp, a grandmother of seven, is a residential school survivor who likes spending time at her camp. But Etapp and Linton do have something in common: along with one in five adults in the Cree Nation, they are both living with diabetes. Their stories, along with 25 others, are part of The Sweet Bloods of Eeyou Istchee: Stories of Diabetes and the James Bay Cree , a new collection put together...

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Divided opinion among Dene leaders on cannabis legalization

The Trudeau government’s implementation of legalized marijuana has sparked debate between Dene leaders who support the law and those opposed to cannabis in their communities. Some Dene leaders spoke to CBC after the recent Dene leadership meeting in Dettah. Peter Marcellais, Chief of Nahanni Butte, tells CBC that he wants the Northwest Territories to embrace legalization instead of fighting the federal government on something that is inevitable anyway. “There’s no way you’re going to stop that so legalize it.” said Chief Marcellais. Peter Marcellais, Chief of Nahanni Butte, says territory should work closely with federal government on cannabis legalization....

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