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At first glance, remote towns near an outbreak of dangerous wildfires in Canada might seem entirely evacuated .

But a closer look reveals a population still living there — about 1,500 dogs and cats. Because these towns, which are populated by indigenous peoples, in the Manitoba province are so hard to get to, the residents weren’t allowed to bring their pets on the flights to safety last week. Feed the Furbabies Canada “These communities can only be accessed by air and one by boat,” Meghan Irwin, one of the directors for Feed the Furbabies Canada , told The Dodo. “During the evacuation the planes were too small and people had to take priority.” Feed the Furbabies Canada Feed the Furbabies Canada Not only do these food deliveries bring relief to the pets — they also help ease the pain of families who had to evacuate without their beloved pets.

“There are many threats to the animals left behind; predators, the fires and smoke, and starvation if they don’t get enough food,” Irwin explained.

But as firefighters work on getting the wildfires contained, communities hope that they soon can return to their homes and their furry loved ones. Feed the Furbabies Canada Feed the Furbabies Canada Feed the Furbabies Canada Feed the Furbabies Canada You can help feed these pets by donating via e-transfer or PayPal to (password “Wildfire”). You can also mail checks to Feed the Furbabies Canada, 937 Government Ave., Winnipeg, Manitoba, R2K 1X9.

If you are local, you can drop off cat, dog and puppy food and formula at 937 Government Ave (East Kildonan) and 799 Autumnwood Drive (St. Boniface). If you can serve as a drop-off location for food donations, contact Feed the Furbabies Canada through its Facebook page .

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