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The RCMP has removed a radio tower from a sacred Dene mountain top site near Nahanni Butte.

The tower and its concrete base were removed last month, but the chief who raised the issue last spring says restoration of the site is not complete.

Known as the Sacred Vent Hole of Tthenáágó, the site is part of the Dene legend of the Great Spirit saving the Dene from the scourge of giant beavers that once roamed the region. The legend, handed down through many generations, says the Great Sprit used his walking stick to poke a hole in the top of the mountain and chased the beavers inside, where they remain to this day.

Years ago, the RCMP covered the hole to use as a base for a radio tower, one of several installed on the mountain by government agencies without the permission of the Dene. At a meeting of Dehcho leaders last May in Colville Lake, Nahanni Butte chief Peter Marcellais said that with the concrete base of the towers plugging the vent, the mountain can’t breathe.


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