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(Google Maps) The August long weekend is traditionally known as the Civic Holiday, but local municipalities can determine what they want to call it.

In Sault Ste. Marie, Ont. it’s known as Sir WIlliam H. Hearst Day and in Ottawa, it’s named Colonel By Day.

Now, the City of North Bay is looking at renaming the holiday to something that reflects the strong bond it has with the nearby Nipissing First Nation. George Maroosis is a city councillor in North Bay. (Facebook) Recently a motion was put forward and passed by North Bay City Council. Councillor George Maroosis introduced the motion.

"It’s very symbolic of a partnership that already exists," he said.

"This whole process of reconciliation has been going on in this country, and this I believe is certainly one small step in recognizing the Indigenous people and honouring their past and their traditions."

Maroosis says a committee will be formed with residents from both North Bay and the Nipissing First Nation to discuss possible names.

The new name, whatever it may be, will be in effect by the Civic Holiday in 2018.

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