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Midnight Sun Fireworks spent $20,000 on their firework display. This image is from their winning performance. (Submitted by Mylene Salvas) A Yukon duo knows how to set the sky on fire.

Warren Zakus and Kiara Adams of Midnight Sun Fireworks won a fireworks competition in Sherbrooke, Que. last week.

It was their first competition and the win was unexpected.

"We were just really happy to be invited," said Zakus, who designed the winning performance with wife Adams.

The couple, who are firefighters by day, started designing fireworks shows in 2014. They have recently designed shows for Whitehorse’s Sourdough Rendezvous and New Years Eve celebration.

For practice, leading up to the Fête du Lac des Nations competition, Zakus and Adams ran computer simulations of their show. They said the first time they actually saw the fireworks erupt was during the competition.

"It was actually nerve-racking," said Adams.

The audience at the festival was larger than the entire population of the Yukon. Biking to the moon

Not everyone can compete in a fireworks competition, as they tend to be "by-invite only," said Zakus. The couple got a phone call last spring inviting them to Quebec.

Overall, they lit nearly 2,000 fireworks, costing about $20,000. That was within the budget provided by the festival.

The couple called their show "I Want to Ride My Bike to the Moon."

Adams said the idea came from a combination of the Queen song, " I Want to Ride My Bike" and moon-themed songs in their collection.

"It stuck, it felt right. It fit our playful style," she said.

The music was synched to firework eruptions and explosions. One part of the show included a bicycle with lights on the front and back that was flashing in tune with the beats. Meanwhile, green, white, and red exploded above. Other music included Frank Sinatra’s " Fly Me to the Moon" and Van Morrison’s " Moondance ."

Mylene Salvas, a pyro-technician at the festival, said the Yukon entry was really well thought out.

"I’m very, very happy for Yukon because that design was amazing, " she said.Adams and Zakus said they hope to get invitations to other competitions.

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