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The Haa Kusteeyi inland Tlingit celebration is underway in Teslin, Yukon, this weekend. (Meagan Deuling/CBC) The Haa Ḵusteeyí​ inland Tlingit celebration is underway in Teslin, Yukon, this weekend.

The annual event, with a name that means "Tlingit way," alternates between inland and coastal communities in Alaska and Yukon. It features performances, workshops and food — lots of food.

Organizer Melaina Sheldon is expecting a big crowd, with visitors from Sitka and Juneau, Alaska.

"Over the years we’ve built our presence on the coast," Sheldon said, adding that everyone is welcome to attend the celebration. This is the last year the event will take place in Teslin for a while. The next inland celebration will be hosted by the Carcross Tagish First Nation in 2019.

Jeanie Dendys, Yukon’s culture minister, spoke at the opening ceremony about the importance of revitalizing Indigenous culture. Revitalizing traditional ceremonies will keep the culture alive, she said.

"We’re living out the vision of our elders," Dendys said.

CBC’s Meagan Deuling is at the event all weekend. Have a look at some of the photos from the first day. Louise Gordon of Taku River Tlingit First Nation at HaaḴusteeyí
"Reviving our culture makes me feel strong." — @meaganthecla Grand Chief Peter Johnston: "it’s not just a celebration of our nations, it’s a celebration of humanity." cbcnorth — @meaganthecla Min. Dendys, lone Thaltan on stage full of Tlingit, "we’re living the vision of our elders." HaaḴusteeyí cbcnorth — @meaganthecla

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