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Braden Johnston, Taltson McQueen, Devon Fillion. (Submitted by Jordee Reid) Yellowknife’s Taltson McQueen, Devon Fillion, and Braden Johnston have stuck together since Grade 6.

The three volleyball players on Team N.W.T. have now graduated high school, and are competing together this week in Toronto at the 2017 .

But this is probably their last big tournament.

"It is kind of bittersweet to be honest," said Fillion, who said he’s been playing with his buddies for "as long as [he] can remember."

"Obviously we’re guys. We’re not gonna show our emotions and all that but like, it does hit the feels."

The inseparable trio has played an estimated 50 competitive games together since middle school. The competition at the games is one of their last big tournaments before they part ways as young adults.

"We weren’t the closest right away but volleyball brought us together," said Fillion. The boys have played many sports together throughout the years. Devon Fillion (far back), Braden Johnston (bottom right), Taltson McQueen (3rd from the left). (Submitted by Jordee Reid) McQueen has a name for his crew: "The three amigos."

McQueen explained that the friends managed to stick together each time they moved up a grade. His most memorable moments were at the yearly Lawrie Hobart Volleyball Tournaments in Fort Smith, N.W.T. where they took gold for three years straight.

"We stayed the three top players and we won it each year together," said McQueen.

Johnston said their friendship, on and off the court, shows during their games.

"I just know that I can trust them," he said. "When I give them the ball, I just know that they’re going to do something with it."

On Thursday Team N.W.T. faces Saskatchewan and three other teams. Playoff action will begin on Friday.

With files from Alyssa Mosher, Peter Sheldon

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