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THE CANADIAN PRESS, REUTERS, FRED LUM/THE GLOBE AND MAIL THE PRESENT Justin Trudeau: Let’s celebrate our peace and stability

On the 150th anniversary of Confederation, we celebrate the millions of Canadians who have come together to make our country the strong, prosperous and open place it is today CHRIS YOUNG/THE CANADIAN PRESS For the past 150 years, Canada has tapped into the ambition, work ethic and ingenuity of its people. We are a country of millions bound together by a spirit of daring and hard work. We are innovators, entrepreneurs and good neighbours. We share dreams, values and the belief that better is always possible.

A growing and optimistic middle class has long been at the heart of our country’s success. A strong and thriving middle class will continue to lead the way.

As revolutions in technology increasingly shape our world, we know that to keep up and continue creating good, middle-class jobs, we must innovate, invent and dream boldly.

Thankfully, we have a lot of practice. For 150 years, Canadians have turned their ideas and aspirations into our country’s greatest accomplishments. We are defined by the bold ideas some people doubted, the grand projects naysayers dismissed and the Canadians who never gave up.

Where would Canada be without a transcontinental railway, universal health care or the Charter of Rights and Freedoms? What would our world look like without insulin, the telephone, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights – or hockey?

Our aspirations today are even more bold and wide-ranging.

We envision a future in which reconciliation is a practised reality instead of a goal; where all genders, sexualities, orientations and identities are valued and equal; where mental health is understood and treated with compassion by doctors and colleagues alike; where all countries have come together to preserve and protect our planet; and where […]

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