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A resident of a southern Ontario First Nation surrounded by industrial facilities is taking the provincial government to court to demand it complete an air quality review promised eight years ago.

Ada Lockridge of the Aamjiwnaang First Nation, in an area known as “Chemical Valley” near Sarnia, Ont., first secured a commitment in 2009 from the Ministry of the Environment to review how air pollution is regulated where there are multiple emitters.

Currently, the ministry only considers the emissions of one particular facility when issuing approvals and orders, not any cumulative effects from various facilities.

The Environmental Bill of Rights sets out a legal duty for the ministry to complete a review like the one promised to Lockridge “within a reasonable time.”

Eight years is not reasonable, Lockridge argues.

“I don’t know if they’re waiting for me to die or what, but I’m still here and I haven’t given up yet,” the 54-year-old said in an interview.

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