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Scholars like Ryan DeCaire, an assistant professor of Studies at the University of Toronto, are in demand as more universities including UPEI seek Indigenous faculty. (Mark Bochsler/CBC News) The University of Prince Edward Island is seeking to hire three Indigenous Canadian professors for three different faculties — arts, science and nursing.

Right now UPEI has one Indigenous scholar — John Doran, an assistant professor of Indigenous Studies.

"There’s been a lot of discussion around, how do we increase our support for Indigenous students, and also increase exposure of our non-Indigenous students to Indigenous culture?" said Robert Gilmour, vice-president academic and research at UPEI.

Gilmour believes there’s a reluctance for some Indigenous students to identify as Indigenous. He believes it would help those students learn, and would be helpful to see their culture and history discussed. ‘A richness to the lectures’

"There’s nothing like having someone that has that background and that experience — they can bring a richness to the lectures that someone who’s not Indigenous just wouldn’t have." ‘They can bring a richness to the lectures that someone who’s not Indigenous just wouldn’t have,’ says UPEI’s Robert Gilmour of the search for more Indigenous professors. (University of Prince Edward Island) "For us, it’s filling a gap — we’re hiring a group that we don’t have," Gilmour said.

The university would like to hire more than three Indigenous professors, but there are several challenges including budget limitations, Gilmour said.

"Frankly there aren’t all that many individuals out there who have the qualifications to be university professors, and we’re not the only university who’d looking for such people," Gilmour said. ‘A long way to go’

The postings for the three positions have closed, and Gilmour said there were plenty of applications for the arts position, "fair takeup" for the science faculty, but that UPEI […]

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