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Poundmaker’s belongings were taken following the 1885 resistance. His war club and other items are being loaned back to the Poundmaker Cree Nation as part of a museum exhibit July 18-23 on the reserve near the Battlefords. (submitted) For the first time since 1885, some of Chief Poundmaker’s belongings are coming home to Saskatchewan.

Poundmaker was a 19th-century Plains Cree leader who was convicted of treason and imprisoned following the 1885 North-West Rebellion, led by Louis Riel, and died shortly after.

Many of his possessions were seized and ended up in museums across Saskatchewan and around the world.

On July 18, the museum at Poundmaker Cree Nation, approximately 175 kilometres northwest of Saskatoon, will display the legendary chief’s ceremonial war club and other items. Chief Poundmaker’s war club is being loaned to the Poundmaker Cree Nation for the first time since it was taken in 1885. It will be part of an exhibit at the band museum July 18-23. (submitted) It’s on loan from the federal government, which had been holding the artifacts at the nearby Fort Battleford national historic site.

Poundmaker museum curator Floyd Favel says it’s one way to educate the public, but also Poundmaker Cree Nation youth, about the true history of the 1885 resistance.

Favel says it could also help efforts to have Chief Poundmaker exonerated. Poundmaker Cree Nation museum curator Floyd Favel is looking forward to the return of Chief Poundmaker’s war club and other artifacts for their July 18 exhibit. (submitted) "That is what we are asking for, is just to correct one of history’s wrongs, especially to our people. And in many ways, when you correct and straighten out the mistakes of the past, it clears the way for the future."

Poundmaker councillor, or "headman," Milton Tootoosis said the band council has written to Prime Minister Justin […]

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