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The future home of the proposed Tony Cote Park, which is now referred to as Canterbury Park. (Cory Coleman/CBC) The City of Regina is proposing to suspend the use of miscellaneous plant and animal names for new parks.

In some new areas, proposed names for parks include Bumblebee Park and Gopher Park, both of which are on the current list of approved civic names.

However, the city is asking developers to use names from the Civic Naming List that represent culture, regional heritage or species that have cultural relevance to Saskatchewan.

The city wants the naming suspension in place until a review of the civic naming process is completed.

The city is recommending the following names for new parks: Canterbury Park to be named Tony Cote Park

Eastbrook to be named Crosbie Park

Westerra to be named Sharp Park

Greens on Gardiner (MR4) to be named Plains Minnow Park Greens on Gardiner (MR6) to be named Yellow Rail Park Kensington Greens to be named Tansley Park The proposed names, and name suspensions, will be discussed Thursday night at the Regina Planning Commission meeting, which is open to the public.The final decision will be made by city council on July 31.

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