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Chef Shane Chartrand has honed his skills in some of Edmonton’s best restaurants. He will co-host the Redx Eagle and Condor culinary event in the Enoch Cree Nation on Thursday. (Alberta Culinary Tourism Alliance) Two friends are teaming up to bring a one-of-a-kind culinary event to the Enoch Cree Nation near Edmonton.

Cowboy Smithx, the of the Redx Talks speaker series, and award-winning Cree chef Shane Chartrand will host hundreds of guests on Thursday at the Redx Eagle and Condor event, which will bring together eight chefs of various backgrounds to cook foods to their cultures.

"Indigenous is a worldly thing, it isn’t just a Canadian thing," said Chartrand.

"Also, First Nations, or non, we all have a stake in the culinary world. It’s an Indigenous event, but there’s a lot of people and chefs very interested in the Aboriginal community. That makes everything more exciting." Redx Talks creator Cowboy Smithx and chef Shane Chartrand. (Shane Chartrand) Smithx believes gathering and sharing food is ceremony in Indigenous culture, and that everyone is welcome to the circle of sharing.

A goal of Redx Talks is to be inclusive and honour the spirit and intent of treaties, which is to work together on sharing the land and resources, he said.

From the aspect of , the evening of cooking food over open fire pits, and enjoying it under the open skies, is designed to help people connect, Smithx said.

"We’re all in this [reconciliation] together," he said.

"This is definitely one of the most diverse spreads you’re going to see. It’s never happened before — not in this way. This will be the first time we’re [Redx Talks] in a . It’s great to bring this to Shane’s home territory of Enoch." Chef coming from Australia One of the featured chefs is travelling all […]

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