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5 Things to Know Midway through this shortened work week, your need to know headlines start with the six Canadian Armed Forces members suspended and subject to an investigation after confronting people at an event in Halifax. And here’s a story to discuss around the water cooler: one man’s bid to legalize hunting squirrels for eating.

If you’re looking for a newscast to catch up on the morning’s top stories, watch CTV News On the Go .

1. Mi’kmaq protest: Six Canadian Armed Forces members will be removed from duty and training while the military investigates after an online video of a tense, but non-violent confrontation at an Indigenous event in Halifax .

2. North Korea: North Korea vows to never abandon nuclear weapons and to keep sending the U.S. more ‘gift packages’ of missile and atomic tests , in the wake of an intercontinental ballistic missile launch.

3. Right whales: Experts say humans are likely to blame in the deaths of three North Atlantic right whales found in the Gulf of St. Lawrence.

4. Collection time: The Canadian Revenue Agency says it is looking to collect more than $75 million in taxes from Canadians who may be improperly using their tax-free savings accounts .

5. Squirrel poutine? A Quebec hunter is pushing to make squirrel hunting legal in Quebec , and argues that other Canadian provinces allow it and the meat is healthy.

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