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For Cynthia Wesley-Esquimaux, there’s a deep-rooted divide between ‘our home’ and ‘Native land.’ (Canada. Dept. of Indian Affairs and Northern Development / Library and Archives Canada / C-068928) So, Canada… : Canadian writers, musicians, educators, poets and leaders riff on big and little topics inspired by our anthem’s lyrics.

Listen: Canada’s anthem speaks volumes.

"Our home and native land?" Me, I hear home on Native land, the lands of my ancestors.

A home speaks of a warm welcome, a soft touch, and a loving smile by Indigenous peoples who will never forget on whose lands "Home and Native Land" stands. In that "and" that purports to join us together, I forever hear separation. Someone is living here, has built their home on Native lands, but these Native lands are not theirs.Are they now home on our lands, claiming ownership and control, possession? But what of those whose blood has drenched and enriched […]

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