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Toronto Pride’s youth ambassador and Indigenous artist Kiley May says she wants to ‘create more space for other people to be able to identify themselves.’ (Kylie May, Michael Arthur/Facebook) Kiley May is many things.

She is a Mohawk dancer, an actor, a model, a photographer and a writer. She is also a transgender woman, two-spirited and Toronto Pride’s youth ambassador for 2017.

For May, the best way to describe her is with what she calls a "kaleidoscope identity."

"’Kaleidoscope identities’ is something I came up with to describe my own gendered and sexual identity," May told CBC Radio’s Here and Now. " I did that because I felt often in the LGBTQI community, there’s a talk of a spectrum when relating to your gender or your sexual identity."I thought that was very limiting so I came up with a concept or a visual of… looking through a kaleidoscope as thinking about our […]

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