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A teepee set up on Parliament Hill by a grassroots group has been moved from a far corner of the lawn to the west side of the Canada Day stage in Ottawa, closer to the Peace Tower.

The teepee was originally set up on the far southeastern corner of the Hill early Thursday morning after a standoff with RCMP, who at first would not let the group onto it.

Nine people were arrested and temporarily detained. They were released with trespass notices banning them from the Hill for six months.

Sophie Gunner-Sagapabuckskum of Moose Cree , who was there early Thursday morning when the teepee was set up and called police resistance to it "not pretty," said she’s glad.

"It was a long negotiation. It was all day with the RCMP…. We had to help them understand the meaning of our teepee and what it represents to our people. We had to get them to understand that first before they let us put our teepee in its rightful place.

"It all came together like a miracle. It was not a coincidence," Gunner-Sagapabuckskum said. "It’s like a miracle happened for us. It’s a road for us to go forward now, to go forward in all the things that happened to our people. That’s what it represents. That door is open now and we came through.

"We’re being acknowledged. Last night [Wednesday night], I said we need to be seen, we need to be heard, we need to be acknowledged, we need to take our rightful place on Turtle Island. And this is what we’re doing."

Contrary to some media reports suggesting the teepee has to be removed from the Hill by 4 p.m. ET Saturday, a spokesperson for the Parliamentary Protective Service insisted Thursday there was no ultimatum or timeline to take it down. The […]

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