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Michel Leroux says the community of Lac-Simon allowed his son to fulfill his dream of becoming a police officer. (Fondation Thierry Leroux) It took only a few months after Thierry LeRoux died doing the job he loved, before his family and colleagues decided to continue the work he started.

LeRoux, 26, was working as a police officer in Lac-Simon, a community near Val-d’Or, about 500 kilometres north of Montreal.

In February 2016, he was killed after responding to a 911 call with his partner. The 22-year-old man who shot LeRoux then turned the gun on himself.

In June of that year, LeRoux’s colleagues approached his family and asked if they’d accept to lend his name to a foundation they wanted to put in place in Lac-Simon, hoping to support Indigenous youth.

Thierry’s father, Michel, said there was no hesitation.

He spoke with Quebec AM ‘s Kim Garritty this week after the Fondation Thierry Leroux was officially launched. Thierry Leroux with his father Michel, mother Christine and brother Steffan. (Michel Leroux) How did you feel when Thierry’s colleagues first approached you with this idea?

It was a mix of emotion, of pride and excitement. Those three words pretty much sum up the the family’s mindset, when his colleagues approached us last June.

Was it a difficult decision to make? Oh no. It took about 15 minutes to discuss with my wife, my son and also with Thierry’s girlfriend, and then we said yes. Let’s go and let’s see where this adventure takes us. What motivated you to say yes? It’s a way to prevent this type of tragedy, not only in Lac-Simon, but also in the Val-d’Or region and all around Quebec. What will the money be used for? The funds will be distributed to youth between the ages of four and 25, in the […]

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