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Justin Trudeau was in Charlottetown Thursday and met with some people after addressing the media at a press conference. (Noah Richardson/CBC) While in P.E.I. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau touched on issues ahead of the Canada Day celebrations that will be going on this Saturday.

"We have to recognize that not everyone is going to be celebrating the same way," Trudeau said.

"The history of 150 years for Indigenous peoples has not been as positive, and recognizing that there’s a lot more work to do, that we need to do together, in respect, is an important part of this recognition." Justin Trudeau arrived at the Montague Curling Club Thursday morning. (Noah Richardson/CBC) Trudeau was in Cardigan, P.E.I., on Thursday meeting with Premier Wade MacLauchlan in the morning before moving onto Montague Curling Club for a meet and greet with the public.

He finished his time on the Island in Charlottetown for a tour of the Canada C3 expedition ship, and a media conference. When Justin Trudeau said his government is finding a long term solution for P.E.I. ferries, the crowd broke out in applause. (Francois Dufault/Radio-Canada) The Prime Minister posed for pictures with people at the Montague Curling Club. (Noah Richardson/CBC) ‘A path forward’

In Charlottetown the Prime Minister went a step further with regards to the history of Canada’s Indigenous population.

"Canada has failed Indigenous peoples," he said. "We need to do a much better job of hearing their stories." Trudeau gets emotional as he holds the carved figure from the 1966 movie Paddle to the Sea film aboard the Canada C3 ship, which he visited in Charlottetown. (Al MacCormick/CBC) Trudeau said that "impatience from many people after decades, centuries of a broken relationship," was understandable.

He added that the work of reconciliation was about "redefining a relationship and that can’t be done […]

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